Problems with the gradient graph in London

The latest mini update didn’t fix this again.

any idea when it might be solved?

+1 Same problem on MacOS going up Leith Hill this morning.

This is still broken following the latest update.

Really frustrating

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Will this ever be fixed? I can’t be the only on who finds this really annoying? Seems like it should be a really easy fix, it used to work so just roll back the feature to a time when it did work and it works on all other maps.

I’m getting the impression that these forums exist a a place where people can air their frustrations to make themselves feel better but no one from Zwift actually pays any attention to them.


Another update and this not mentioned/fixed.

Just to manage my expectations, this will never be fixed will it?

I bumped this ticket. Thanks for the reminder

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I know it might seem silly to some people but it basically ruins London for me and it was one of my favourite worlds prior to this. I use the gradient graph for gear selection to see what is coming up and it isn’t always easy to see from the graphics.

Game update today - no mention of a fix for this.

Pretty sure it is never going to happen! Been a known issue for 7 months, really annoying and really spoils London’s world for me.

Probably be just left alone, like the buildings that disappear in Crit City. It’s not game-breaking, so there’s no interest.

That wall that ranges from 2% to >10% all the way up Keith Hill. Really useful.

Added bonus that the arrow marker on the “bigger but also still had to read” profile stays at the bottom of the profile to make sure that it obscures that climb itself. :clap:

AppleTV fwiw.

My guess is that the problem with this is that the rest of the London map uses real GPS points to plot the elevation but the hills aren’t real so it defaults to 0 for elevation, so the pointer thinks it is always at zero and stays along the bottom and similar for the gradient graph.

either that or it is just broken!

It used to work.

yeah i know, that is the weird thing, they didn’t change anything in London when it broke either!

I’d go with this except for the same profile shows the other riders, whose markers are following the elevation correctly :man_shrugging:

good point, i hadn’t noticed that!

Bump this ticket again, please.

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seems like Zwift are only keen to take money add extra features rather than fix the bugs and “technical limitations” that already exist, many of which have for years.

Basically stuff like this doesn’t fundamentally break the game so it goes to the bottom of the pile behind all the things that do. The customers are just expected to put up with it. It’s unprofessional and embarrassing for a company supposedly worth a billion dollars, but hey - fixing bugs doesn’t get new subs.


I’m holding out for this bug to hit its anniversary in the known issues section!

One day there’ll be an esports event on the london course and it’ll be sorted fast enough then!