Game Update - November 23rd, 2020

Get out of Niall’s account, Eric. Not cool.


Yeah cant be bothered

So many wingers.
Not happy with what you are getting for $20 a month? Jump on another platform. The joy of pay as you go


A lot of download for so little. My phone showed over 700Mb


That’s the only thing different to the OP, and Zwift never actually say what’s going on with… well, anything.

Ah well.

How about a fix for the upcoming elevation graph in London? A solid box after a few minutes of climbing on Box Hill isn’t good.


I rode a Futureworks Crit boost race soon after the update. The Charge and boost buttons in the Companion app have disappeared. So had to use the C and B keys on the keyboard.

Please replace Faster Masters’ leaders. The ones you have don’t care to keep the group together with the intended power (4.0 front), and when those of us on the low end of the ability call it out they say the front is fine (when we’re all getting PRs on the same route week after week) and ignore the front bullying those of us calling them out.

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Any fix to weird Watts around WATOPIA?

So no racing sandbagging fixes yet? Like not allowing racers to even enter the wrong category? Come on Zwift!


This forum has become so toxic.


I think: When will we be able to ride another world/select new course w/o quitting…
For me this has been a request since the beginning. I should not bee so hard gettin to “start menu” but i’m not holding my breath anymore!


You can do this already! Just hit the E button on a pc or go to the menu. I do 2-3 different workouts in the same ride every weekend. It would be cool if you could start a new route without having to restart, however.


I have had this before, this is a wifi issue not a bug.

Glad it’s summer soon so I can put my membership on hold, these updates are nothing but an insult. A season pass in most games is $10nzd and provide way more value than $26nzd for zwift to deliver bug fixes.


Hello, do you have added kettler racer s
S ble “controlable” support ?

I used to really look forward to the updates… sadly that excitement wained 10 months ago.

The game of Scrabble is more exciting and updated more regularly


This is not WiFi. This is a long standing issue affecting many racers in ZRL when a lot of riders join platform.


All those strategies get ignored, not just the whining.

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I use Zwift with a Wattbike Atom. Had lots of problems during Academy Road Workouts during ‘Free Ride’ sections where it doesn’t automatically deactivate ERG mode. As a result it is impossible to increase the Watts output and the workout is ruined as a result. I have read many other threads going back many months about this very problem but as yet there doesn’t appear to be a fix which is very frustrating! Zwift, please can you provide feedback on this problem?