Problem with login to Zwift via German Telekom

Ja, könnten sie.
Ist aber der falsche Ansatz, schließlich zahlen deutsche Internetkunden der Telekom schon genug Geld, und sie kriegen auch noch Millionen Fördergelder vom Staat für den Ausbau des Netzes.

Mercedes/VW/BMW könnten auch die deutsche Straßeninfrastruktur ausbauen… aber auch hier: Ist der falsche Ansatz.

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Seems that Telekom is working on the issue. Other gaming platforms (PSN, Nintendo, Twitch) have the same issues via Telekom networks. A quick Twitter search shows a lot of complaints:


Hier noch ein Beitrag. Zwar völlig andere Plattform aber exakt dieselbe Symptomatik und zur selben Zeit gingen da auch die Probleme los:

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Heute wieder das selbe Problem. Einfachste Lösung für mich: LTE mit Smartphone als Hotspot. Konnte 5 Stunden trainieren ohne Dropouts und am Ende auch speichern. Ungefähr 0,8 GB verbraucht.

Heute auch mehrere Stunden nachmitags vergeblich versucht, mich über Telekom DSL bei Zwift einzuloggen. Mega frustrierend, und keine Kösung absehbar :frowning:

Use a VPN connection, that works perfectly.

It would be good to look what changed on Wednesday last week as several service report failures since then. Not really plausible that exactly Wednesday the load on all services increased so much that would explain the outages. Especially as the load obviously was high enough on weekends also. The corona crisis started earlier than Wednesday.

Eric Schlange is reporting in Zwiftinsider on this problem:

It seems like Deutsche Telekom has an issue with routing into a huge network assigned to AWS (Amazon Web Service) where e.g. Zwift is running its authentication service (or using a provider who is hosting within aws). The affected network is I’d urge anyone who has problems to open a support ticket with his ISP so they can properly work on it.
Here is an example to trace the way to which is the service you have to logon:

➜ ~ traceroute
traceroute: Warning: has multiple addresses; using
traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
1 ( 5.293 ms 2.460 ms 1.246 ms
2 ( 10.700 ms 11.340 ms 10.172 ms
3 ( 20.516 ms 21.007 ms 21.535 ms
4 ( 73.023 ms 73.598 ms 73.638 ms
5 ( 216.359 ms 215.597 ms 225.998 ms
6 ( 219.475 ms 218.363 ms 221.056 ms
7 ( 228.656 ms ( 222.601 ms ( 219.087 ms
8 ( 220.116 ms ( 219.879 ms ( 231.643 ms
9 * * *
10 ( 244.867 ms 242.077 ms 240.757 ms
11 * * *
12 ( 254.292 ms ( 242.860 ms ( 249.517 ms
13 * ( 280.418 ms ( 247.976 ms
14 ( 245.354 ms ( 244.478 ms *
15 ( 242.975 ms ( 237.497 ms ( 246.470 ms
16 ( 238.671 ms ( 239.311 ms ( 240.879 ms
17 * * *
18 * ( 244.565 ms *
19 * * *
20 * * *
21 * * *
22 * * *

There is no chance to explain that problem to a normal hotline worker there, sorry. The will only perform a quick check that will pass all tests. (There is no, correct but they have to check their own routes to aws.)
We need a tech Insider or big customer which tells them (not the support phone) this problem.

Any options to use a vpn on the Apple TV?

You really can’t be sure that the VPN company is not doing so either.

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Same problem since 25.03.2020. I use mobile hotspot on mobile phone for Login. After login I switch to ISP Deutsche Telekom.

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Same problem. Zwift login issue. Zwift companien also did not work. Help

I guess not for a “normal” user. If you use a router with OpenWrt, a Fritzbox or e.g. a pfSense firewall/router you can route your whole outgoing internet traffic via VPN. An easier way would be to connect your ATV with a free Freifunk WLAN hotspot, if you have one nearby - I am running such a Freifunk hotspot by my own, so that’s the way I go and it works. I have to say that it depends on how the regional Freifunk network is connected to the backbone.
Of course you can also connect ATV to the WLAN hotspot of your smartphone, as many people here in the forum have described already - but it can become pricey :wink:

Unfortunately, that’s a common missunderstanding of VPN - I recomment anyone to read this article

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Nothing to add, but also experiencing the same problem. Called Telekom, but the response was as clueless as one would expect.

I had seen it after I had replyed already :blush: - In the end I thought the article is of general interest, so do not take it personal.

Having the same issue :frowning:
I just canceled my Zwift membership due to that. Maybe time to give TrainerRoad a try.
Any suggestions for a (ideally free) tool to use workouts from TrainingPeaks to control the trainer?

Login via cellular is now also not possible. Very bad.

Bin zwar nach langer Wartezeit teilweise reinkommen die letzten Tage - aber jetzt geht gar nichts mehr!!! Ebenfalls Telekom Kunde