Personal Best Bot

100% a top feature! This gets my vote, I will be so excited to have this feature! I can race only with myself (I am so bad that anyone is better than me)


As we just got an update, I was reminded of a large number of votes for best bot.
Where are we on this Zwift? Somebody at home has still been working on this I hope. We can’t have everyone painting grass and cows on the new course.


This seems like a no-brainer; It’s no wonder this is a top voted feature request. +1

I Now enjoy Zwift coming from several months of Kinomap and some Rouvy use.

However, there is one particular feature I really miss out in Zwift: Always riding against your previous best ghost time on any route you chose. Race, Event or training session, regardless. This is some of the most motivating I have tried and I totally miss it in Zwift where the augmented reality would add even more flavor to this option seeing yourself ahead or behind.

Is it there yet?

We just need 11 more votes to hit 500.

I have voted, sounds like a great idea.

:laughing: Don’t forget the tweeting birds.

Seriously though, a PB bot/ghost rider would be an utterly killer feature for the app.


I would add to this, Zwift if you are listening, and I’m pretty sure you are - there are a lot of competitors now nipping at your heels, with some really nice looking cycling simulators. You have to stay competitive, and offer features that they don’t have. I could be wrong, but I’ve not seen any cycling sim which offers a ghost rider bot. If you could develop this feature, it would strengthen your position as the premier virtual cycling app, and keep your subscriber base pleased, and continuing to subscribe.


Another vote for this feature. I like the competitive element and what better than being able to race yourself. AS others have said, you need to provide features a that people want and b that your competition does not.


+1. I would love having a personal ghost to help me beat my personal record, or to score better results in training/test.

Can anyone help me explaining the ‘voting’ part? I’ve read about this a couple of times, but I don’t know how this works.

Oh and please Zwift make it possible to display the personal best times longer than 30 days. At least let Zwifters decide for how long the results are shown.

Imagine this as a race. Whatever feature ranking first has better chances of being implemented.

Now wake up. You were dreaming.

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Look at the feature requests that have the most votes to see how often voting works:

Actually, this will give you only the “Top” requests… (most active, not most voted for…)


The first “SOLVED” item is beyond the 40th place.

I rest my case.

(edited to add most requested features)


i think the “solved” flag is a bit out of date or inaccurate. some of these HAVE been addressed and/or could be part of the UI customization that was de-prioritized for COVID/TDF stuff. there are a few others that have been “addressed”, but likely won’t be “solved”.


  • world switching. there are now 3 worlds to choose from.
  • xp points for climbing/distance. this is what drops do now.
  • more flat routes. the desert was added to watopia, and there are some flat(ish) routes in france.
  • MTB and gravel bikes. this is done.
  • add levels beyond 25. this is done.
  • junior rider weight. i think they did change this recently?
  • group workout through meetup. i don’t know if this one works, but i thought that some changes were recently made here?

addressed, but not solved:

  • velodrome. apparently steering is the hitch for this one.
  • new route X. zwift works on new routes, but not these specific ones.
  • rowing. might be coming soon?

This has nothing to do with COVID19, TdF or the “New UI” (which is also a “New Feature” mentioned years ago.) One can alweys find excuses (sorry, “reasons”), however these issues have been pending for a l-o-n-g time, some date to a time before the new forum interface was introduced. When current events are used to justify old issues… well, you get the point.

So… lets go over them item by item:

Should I go on?

(edited to link to TriDot…)
(edited to reflect “improve Training Plan schedule flexibility” is a “NO”. Thanks, @Steve!)


No. The scheduled training plan functionality hasn’t been updated since introduction, has it?

I do not even know how there are people defending zwifts crap approach towards user requirements. Their approach towards a GUI reminds me of the early 80’s when it was common to have separate configuration and user modules, and with separate I mean separate. The whole save without exit is just so beyond ridiculous. Besides the fact that it has the most vote of any request but it has been at the top for YEARS now. Not day, weeks, or months but YEARS. And last night I was reminded again how crap the zwift GUI experience really is. To access the menu you first have to enter the game. No problem? a Little use case for our incompetent product manager - As a rider on zwift I want to complete routes that I have not completed before. Great I can do that but how do I know which routes I still need to complete? Well in zwift I have two choices: a) I keep a list somewhere and then tick them off or b) I start zwift, start a ride, enter the menu to check my completed routes, make a mental note of the one I still need to do, exit the game, and restart. WHO F**** STUPID IS THAT!

Oh but I just LOOOOVE the extra little flower in the fields on the desert loop. WOW makes my day every time. But this is what you get when a company thinks that they have arrived and that each and every new feature and bug fix is a gift to their paying customers.


This post is brilliant and 100% spot on.
I’ve just cancelled my membership. Zwifts incessant push of racing and e-sports has completely put aside any need or want to fix problems/bugs or required functionality.
The tipping point for me was doing the Ven-Top stage recently and having to look at all the stupid almost troll like behaviour pop up on the chat feed, even though I have the chat function turned off!!! This bug has been around for ages.

Zwift is really starting to lose its way.

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Introduce a feature where you can compete against your personal best time using a ghost of yourself to race against. Much needed id say