Allow Saves Without Exit

nope but i wonder if other companies do.

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Minor weight < 45kg: ~150 votes. Steamroller powerup: no votes. Boost mode: no votes.


Hello Zwift,

This has been asked over and over again! It’s an agony to leave the program and have to start the cycle all over again to get to the main menu. You never adressed this request, why? It is pretty straith forward just add a button. or even better just one menu.


Another vote for this change. Recently joined and this is poorly thought out and is irritating me already.


Totally agree. We could finish a circuit and start another without ending the ride.

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I’ve given up on this. Been years and vote upon vote upon vote and every time zwift gets something else to keep themselves busy. A new little flower, two more spectators, five more windows in the building as you turn right after the first left. If it was not the slowest application I have EVER installed then I would not be bothered but as it is right now, starting a session is a nerve wrecking experience that must be planned well in advance because if something goes wrong your only choice is - exit and restart. But this is what happens when you think you have arrived and captured the market (which they did) so like it or leave it.


This request was raised since Par 18, Why hasn’t this happened in Zwift?

That’s a bit unfair, saying that the feature request was raised in '18.

The earliest I can find on these forums was Oct 2015 (by me, although I’d forgotten it) in a feedback thread saying exiting after a ride was disconcerting, and wondering if it was intentional.

The first explicit request was Dec 15 in another thread


When is an update coming? Like everyone else says, this experience sucks. Can we please save without exiting?


As intensely frustrating as it is having to keep exiting and entering Zwift, after 5 years of non-resolution I think we have to assume this is a red line that will never be fixed. It’s incredible that Zwift prefer to release updates with pet projects (steering, more gimmicky boosts??) rather than address issues reported by their fee paying customers. Even more annoying is that they don’t just come out and tell us it’s not going to happen. There’s always been zero open dialog, which is odd from a community-reliant business.


Even Pacman, who just celebrated 30year anniversary, had the option of exiting a game without shutting down the program. Maybe Zwift should consider giving them a call to share some light on how they unfolded that miracle.
Single most annoying thing.
Second most is the loading time, which in combination reveals the disrespect of the paying customers.


I think you mean 40 years, but it was well after that you had the ability to save progress.

Don’t worry. This will come with the new UI.

In 3021


Holy :poop: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:
Man how long dou you wanna wait with this one?
The peloton is stealing the show …

1045 is an impressive number of votes for this forum.

2 years of this request and over 1,000 votes = not enough support to implement it. Sorry.


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Two years? I think you’ll find it is almost five years: October the 25th 2015 (!!) I raised the weirdness of the Exit app, and the first post in the first “Allow Save without Exit” thread was 30 December 2015.

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Was going off the start date of this thread. Needless to say it shows lack of progress on popular and requested features by the community.

Has anyone from Zwift even been on to let us know the latest on this?

How they think the platform is worth more in monthly subscription whilst very basic processes go ignored I do not know.

Because people keep paying them?

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