World Switching Please

i third, fourth, fifth that vote. We all want to be able to ride whichever world ticles our fancy that day. Please?!!!

Would love to see this

You can research it on YouTube and will give you a website where you can switch worlds. :grinning:

Another vote for choice. Perhaps Watopia always on and rotate though a schedule of London, Innsbruck, Richmond and the forthcoming New York. AppleTV user so no option for world hack


I would like to request if we can’t switch worlds, could we please get a flat Innsbrook road ? I plan workouts during Innsbrook days to avoid riding it :frowning:

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I use a workaround for those ‘need a flat road’ days. This procedure assumes a Windows machine. Create a custom workout of the duration you desire with ‘freeride’ as the only block. Save, then go to Documents>Zwift>Workouts. Right click on the file and open with Notepad. 90 minutes looks like this:
< author>B.Kipper< /author>
< name>90 MINUTE FREERIDE< /name>
< description>90 MINUTE FREERIDE< /description>
< sportType>bike< /sportType>
< tags>
< tag name=" FREEATLAST"/>
< /tags>
< workout>
< FreeRide Duration=“5400” FlatRoad=“0”/>
< /workout>

Change FlatRoad=“0” to FlatRoad=“1”, save the file, and you’ll be free to ride steep hills as flat roads. Happy riding :slight_smile:
EDIT: apparently xml code is filtered, so I’ve added spaces that wouldn’t normally be present in the file.

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Thank you so much -appreciate that!

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I like all of the different courses, but sometimes I want to choose the route.

…Or, please provide a relatively easy hack for IOS world swap…

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Yes please!!! Another vote.

Sounds like a major want by the general Zwift population. I can go either way, but see the value for others.

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Another one for this as well please.

Yes please !

Download zwift pref app from zwift insider and you can switch all you like. road london and watopia while everyone was in innsbruck! :slight_smile:

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I use this:

It’s super simple to use and lets you ride any world anytime

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I agree, world switching would be a good idea. Doesn’t even have to be all 4 maps at one time but could also be just 2 out of 4 at any given time.

It made sense in the earlier days of Zwift to only open 1 map at a time to make sure there’s always plenty of other riders around (which is one of the big selling points of zwift, riding together). But we’ve come to a point where there’s more then enough riders to fill 2 maps.


Absolutely yes please!

I look at the Zwift calendar and change the date on my PC under time and “date settings” so my PC date matches the world I want to ride, then when I load Zwift it takes me to the world I want.

What I would like to see is all the worlds joined together. In Watopia I couldn’t access the Jungle until level 12 with an arc like force field stopping me entering…

Imagine you had these entries that took you into the different worlds (like I can now access the Jungle) so you could ride where you like!

The only downside and the reason I can’t see it happening is there are around 1500 (+/-) Zwifting at any one time - if you spread these out around all the different worlds it could become boring by riding for ages without seeing anyone. Zwift like the community aspect that keeps everyone riding together.

Good idea! I think the best solution would be Watopia Always on and everyday another alternative course…


yes, it would be ideal to have more flexibility… good suggestion!


Agree it would be good to choose worlds, not sure how it works with races, training and group rides though?