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Some years ago one of my favourite apps when riding on a trainer was Race My Ghost. Unfortunately no longer supported or available. It was a good incentive to do better before virtual worlds came along.

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Suggested years ago… see Personal Best Bot (509 votes, still pending)

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Until we get real PB riders, try the pacer bots. Pick one and see how long you can stay ahead. (You can do a lap but you’ll have to draft and wait for a start/finish point.) If you don’t want to do a lap, see how long you can stay just ahead of the bot. On your next workout add 2-4 pounds to your weight and try to stay ahead for the same amount of time.
Ghost riders are supposedly in the works but not necessarily anytime soon.

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i want to choose a route and race against my personal best time on this route?
man super mario card was more future back in the days …


The concept 2 rowing erg has this option to rerace any race with a ghost rower. It is amazing how many times I have got a PB using this option. It is a great incentive to push that little bit harder and it improves my overall fitness and mental strength.

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You can do this easily in Rouvy.

I would love to choose a route and race against the best of all time, or my own time, or a specific w/kg or just a time i set an go deep against the BOT/Ghost … could you please make it happen?



Have you seen how many votes this request has? How long has it been active?

Zwift is simply mocking us Zwifters with this “Feature Requests” forum (none - less one - of which has ever been implemented!)

It will never happen.

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I am still a beginner, although I’ve been Zwifting for over a year I’ve only really started cycling regularly in the last couple of months. I’m just interested in getting fit and losing weight at the moment. I ride for exactly one hour every other day (fasted, before breakfast) and I just try to keep my cadence steady (around 90) and try to increase the distance travelled in an hour on a particular route every day. I’m not a fan of hills. I’m currently using the Tempus Fugit course in Watopia as it’s so nice n flat. So far I’ve only encountered a Pace Partner once, for the second half of my hour long ride. They swept up behind me and I managed to stay with them for the rest of the hour. My results that day were spectacular. I went from doing 33km in a hour on that route to 37km in the hour (and only half of that was chasing the pace partner). My FTP went up from 204 to 216. I assume that you get some sort of drafting effect from being in the group with the pace partner but I know that it definitely helped me to push myself further than I would normally have gone. I’ve since managed 35km in an hour on that same route without the help of the pace partner so I know I can improve without it but it would be a lot more helpful if I could use one every workout.

What I’d like to see is the ability to have a personal pace partner. One I can preset to follow for a set time, on a specific route, at a specific w/kg or maybe ramping up the w/kg from 2-3 over the course of the hour (or whatever time I set for the workout). I think I would find this hugely beneficial, judging by the results of following a pace partner for just half an hour.
I should say that I am on the spectrum and have social anxiety so I’m neither very comfortable nor very adept at the more social aspects of Zwifting. I really don’t need to see or interact with the rest of the community when I’m riding. I try to give thumbs up but always feel guilty if I fail to return a ‘ride on’ in time when I’ve received one. I feel like I’m being seen as being anti-social but in reality I’m concentrating on beating my PB and can’t really concentrate on that and keeping tabs on what everyone else is doing. Therefore I’d like to suggest an option to not see any of the other riders, to just ride alone against my own personal pace partner. Surely not having to render and calculate all the other users would save processing power/boost display performance at our end? (not that I’ve noticed any problems).

Hi @Alex_Tomlinson1, welcome to the forums!

Many users have asked for a personal best bot over the years, if you search the forums you will find many threads about it. Unfortunately the pace partners is the closest thing we have gotten so far.

I might suggest that you create you own workout in Zwift to ramp up and hold a certain w/kg for any duration. Then you can use it on any route you want. Also, if you unplug or turn off your wireless after you get started and have spawned into a world, then all other Zwifters will disappear. Just don’t forget to turn it back on at the end of your ride so you can save and upload the ride to Zwift servers.

Cheers Mike.

At least 15 years ago I had cheapo exercise bike and a PC game that it would link up to (it came with a basic cadence thingy and even steering) and it would show you cycling around a circuit (very similar to a rudimentary zwift.) I can never remember what it was called (but do remember the inventor went on Dragons Den in the UK and they laughed at him when he told them he’d sold only 175 copies, which was sad because it worked really well and was obviously ahead of its time) and even back then you could race against your personal best or a pacemaker. It feels like we are so close with Pace Partners, I have to believe it’ll happen one day.

Thanks for the tip about the wifi. I’ll defo try that.

Someone is diligently picking up feature requests and places them under their appropriate thread: your post was not originally located here.

Obviously, Zwift is aware of such requests - and chooses to remain silent.


Actually using the Zoffline hack does add Zwift ghosts rides against your personal previous ride(s) of any route over 5km long. I’m playing around with it now, being a new Zwift user.

Sorry, I apparently can’t include links in my posts.

Just Google: Zoffline for the code on Github and a Win10 executable
Example YouTube video of ghost riders:
“Riding with ghosts from previous activities (zoffline)”

The two biggest draw backs I’m trying to work through is that any ride to record a “Ghost” rider does not get posted to Zwift. For example you’d not get distance credits or badges for those rides as when using Zoofline your not fully connected to Zwift.

Also the companion app does not display your ride activity when using Zoffline. I also like using a hack that removes the HUD entirely as it’s more immersive but I use a tablet in the pain cave which still gave me the ride stats (Watts, cadence, HR…) due to the Zwift companion app.

I did work around one other issue where your custom workouts were not available for selection. I found that you could simply copy the workouts from the Zwift Workout (…\Zwift\Workouts\123456) folder from your regular profile (e.g. 123436) into the zoffline profiles (1000, 1001, …) in the same Workouts directory and then they could then be selected. I like using my own warm up/cool downs without fussing to flip between Zoffline and Zwift proper.

I found on Windows 10 that the Zoffline app was generally easy to set up and run. The Ghost riders have been more of a challenge as when a ghost rider actually appears is not well documented. I was initially fooled as I assumed they would appear as soon as you started to pedal but they default to as soon as the “route” starts and that excludes lead up distance. That is configurable but I’m just into understanding how I do that and that is where the documentation is too limited.

My suggestion, if your first record a ride like "New York - The 6 Train which is only 6.5km and a short 0.4km lead in. That should mean your ghost would appear almost as soon as you repeat the route.

A little side bonus is that the Zoffline start up app allow you to load any virtual world regardless of the Zwift calendar.

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Zoffline can provide this implementation (is it legal?), but I will prefere a regular official feature =P now there are the bots (why bots instead of ghosts?!), maybe in a future…

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I have no idea if it is illegal or not. I simply tripped over Zoffline while searching for the feature (Robots/ghosts …) solutions. I personally don’t have much interest in the social aspect of Zwift but would like to be able to race against my personal best or a target based on a previous best (e.g. 2% faster).

I’m still doing something wrong as a ghost didn’t appear as expected even through a ghost (bin file) had been recorded for that route. Unless I can get the ghost rider(s) working smoothly there isn’t much additional personal appeal to Zoffline. Still early days as in all likelihood this is a user error (me).

As for a native Zwift ghost rider solution sure but first they need a major UI overhaul after using professional UI experts who are also cyclists. Before I retired I had two UI experts working for me and no quality tech on earth can create a user friendly UI. Tech people think different than most folk. I saw first hand what these type of pros can really do for an interface and Zwift badly needs their type of talent.

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PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN! I use computer Stava Live segments on the road and it keeps me motivated to grow and beat my personal records. Unfortunately, in Zwift, the fact that it only gives your ETA in the last couple miles means I don’t know how I am doing till its often too late. To have a bot or even just an ETA with a PR the whole segment would be awesome. Would be awesome too if the 30 days wasn’t just shown, but the PR AND the 30 days was shown. BRING ON THE PB BOTS!


I would use such a feature. It occurs to me that, reading this thread, that “coming soon” bears no relation to that of a feature film coming attraction. Let’s get busy with this. For my personal 'bot, I would like to have a steady pacing partner that I may select and accompany when I’m tackling the longer routes on Zwift, and there are no group rides that fit the bill. I always perform optimally when riding in company, and whether the avatar is a 'bot or of a “real” person matters not to me. The pace partners are already creating conversation as it stand now! LOL.

On a one-hour FTP test on Tempus Fugit, it would be handy to have a W/kg-customizable ghost to hunt…

Looking forward to see a Bot/Ghost for close to any route available.
All routes should be possible to provide 4 Ghosts.

Bots which ride after FTP%

This feature is really nice. But the fact that only a handfull of routes use the Bots is quite boring very fast. I would love to ride with D.Dan on any other route …
Please find a way to implement that feature!