Payment issues in India with Zwift [November 2021]

Basically, all Zwifters from India will not able to use Zwift sooner or later due to stop on recurring payment guideline issued by RBI. See: moneycontrol. com/news/business/rbi-recurring-payments-norms-a-nightmare-or-an-opportunity-7545371.html :confused:

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Is there any update on this issue ? Not able to use zwift since october 21

Possibly try using PayPal rather than a bank.

Hello @AdityaRathi
You may have received this message below that was sent to our subscribers based in India. Hopefully this will be helpful to you

Due to a rule mandated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), financial institutions now require members to approve recurring automatic payments through debit or credit card. Zwift may see some transactions fail for subscriptions created before October 1, 2021 that are not compliant with the new process.

Some transactions are not being honored by the banks, leading to payment failure for current subscriptions. This will likely be the case for accounts that have not yet been charged this month. Our recommendation is to cancel your current subscription and create a new one.

  • If you are currently subscribed or if your payment has failed, please follow the steps in this article to cancel your membership subscription.
    • You will not lose any progress, unlocks, or opportunities as a result of this process. As always, it will be safely stored.
  • After your membership subscription has been cancelled, \please follow this becoming a member article, to start your new subscription.

According to the new rules, you should be notified by your card issuer or bank to approve the recurring transactions and the new subscription should give us an authorization from your bank that is compliant with the new rule.

If you are still enjoying Zwift while on your current billing cycle, you will not be charged until the previous subscription expires.

If you need additional one-on-one help with your subscription - please use the Contact Us link on We handle account & money transactions offline to protect your privacy.

Hi Shuji,
Thanks for your response. Unfortunately I am not able to do anything post adding card details.
It simply don’t go ahead after this step.

Same here. Luckily I had 1 month promo code that came with my Tax Flux. Gonna cancel subscription on 6th December as that’s the end of billing cycle and see what happens by reactivating the service.

Hi Shuji,
I have tried basically at least 3 debit cards and 2 credit cards. The solution you provided did not work either.
Nothing works because of Zwift policy of auto renewing every month without OTP.
In India, since 1st October 2021, unless and until an app requests OTP, I can not pay for it.
Kindly change the policies so that indians will be able to use it.
I will be moving to some other platform due to this tupid process.

Dude, found a workaround. I used Kotak 811 digital debit card for transaction and it worked. Simple open a zero balance account by doing KYC. U need not go to bank, the person will come to ur home. Add say 10000 balance in that account and get kotak 811 virtual debit card. Then u r good to go.


Ketan, a thousand thanks for your tip! I was at my wit’s end after trying multiple times with multiple cards. I got no clarity from Zwift Customer Support, nor from my bank. I had also thought of trying Virtual Cards with HDFC Bank, but they’re not offering Virtual Cards at present for some reason, so that plan had died an premature death. After reading your comment however, I looked up that banks offer Virtual Cards and I finally opened a bank account on my Paytm app - I had to do a painless online KYC, and was issued a Virtual Debit Card instantly. Tried it on Zwift, and Voila! I’m back in, baby! Thanks again for your guidance!


Paytm virtual card worked for me as well. Thanks a ton for posting this suggestion!

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Thanks for your email Harshil! Ride on! :slight_smile:

  • Kshitij

Ride on!

Thanks Ketan, I see alot of positive feedback here on virtual cards.
I would try that for sure

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Thanks Ketan, i tried using Jupiter’s virtual card and the payment is going through!

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I m trying cards and virtual cards. Nothing seems to work.
Any suggestions on how to make payment?

@Nishant_Khanna and everyone else viewing or still facing this issue, I reached out to support and a bunch of cyclists in my circle and the only method that seems to work currently is to make the subscription payment through the iOS mobile application as an In-App Purchase or through the Apple App Store. The Android app doesn’t provide this option as of posting.

I have reached out to support and I’m trying to get them to push this issue to the Product Team, so please upvote this post if you’re facing this issue to draw more attention to it.


Facing this issue again. Also in touch with zwift support, but cannot get it to work. Anyone from India facing this lately?

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Not working with any Indian credit card (tried kotak, ICICI, sbi), HDFC), virtual debit card. Not sure about paypal.

Earlier cancel subscription and re subscribe was working and going thru. That also is now broken

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Hi. Were you able to get any updates?

Hi Gaurav,

I provided a detailed document enlisting the entire issue to Zwift support who have forwarded it to their internal team for review.

Let’s hope they prioritise the problem and resolve it soon.