Unable to renew membership from India

I am living in India, and have been a Zwift member for around a year now. Due to RBI regulations the card is not automatically charged, and I needed to do a manual charge every month. I did it from the membership page and the card would be debited successfully.

But this month it wasn’t and haven’t been able to renew the membership yet.
I checked with the bank and they aren’t receiving the charge request when I am trying it fron Zwift.
I have tried incognito and also tried using Paypal. Still the issue remains the same.
I wrote to Zwift but couldn’t get an answer there as well.

Did anyone face similar issue and what was your solution to it.

Hi @Jaiprakash welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwif HQ here. It looks like you’re already in conversation with my Support colleagues via email. We do not handle account (i.e. money-related) issues on this public forum to guard your privacy, so I’m going to ask we continue toward a resolution offline. Thanks for understanding!