Pausing Membership

Good point, I use UO on Chrome and ABP on Firefox.

Looks like UO is blocking some things, although given the rest of the UI loads I’d expect this part to as well.

It could be Optimizely perhaps. Disabling UO loaded the “Pause membership” link and the “Cookie preferences” one (which I think is something like TrustE). But then re-enabling UO leaves the “Pause membership” link, while still removing the cookies one.

Using ABP instead of UO allows both to load. I guess UO locks a lot more stuff out by default.

Thanks. Tried that, didn’t work, this was on ipad, but tried it PC and will give a max of 8 weeks.

May I ask for a definite confirmative on this? When I try to cancel for summer, I get a warning prompt:

“We dont have to part ways if the sun is out. Pause your membership to save your progress for when the weather takes a turn for the worse.”

This implies to me that my progress may not be saved by cancelling and suggests things may have been changed since last year. If I do cancel based on the advice on this forum and my progress is not saved I doubt I will come back. I understand it is appealing to offer a pause option to maintain a certain user base on paper, but 8 weeks really does not cover the outdoor season - not even this year when I’ve stayed inside longer than usual. Therefore my question, can you specify what happens if I cancel my membership and come back end-September using the same email address?

Thanks in advance from a generally positive Zwift-user

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I guess it’s possible the thinking goes like this:

  • people ask “will I lose progress if I cancel and come back”
  • let’s make it clear they won’t
  • Marketing: but we don’t like the term cancel, it implies finality
  • OK, let’s introduce “pause”, remain neutral on the effect of cancellation and promote pause as “take a break to come back later”

It does make some sense when considered in those terms. I agree 8 weeks doesn’t seem long enough. On this, I guess the idea is to allow people to pause for a short period, then come back and pause again. 8 weeks doesn’t cover two normal monthly billing cycles, so perhaps one of two things are happening: they want people to come back from the pause in time to be billed after one month off. Or they will send an email reminding people their pause is coming to an end, welcoming them back and reminding them they will be billed in a few days - that gives those people a few days to go in and pause for another 8 weeks. That is a PITA, but it reminds people they have a Zwift account, and some might think “ah, I’ll just let it start up again.”

Or it could just be some developer has been asked to implement it but the business analysts or product owners haven’t really thought too hard about how long people in the real world will want to pause for. =)


I would say that is confirmation.


I have cancelled several times over the years and I’ve never had a problem picking up from where I left off when I wanted to start paying again.


If the intention is to let customers re-pause every 8 weeks that would be acceptable for me, although it is a hassle and could invoke criticism. However, I find it unclear if it is indeed possible to re-pause every 7 weeks and avoid an intermittent bill. In its current form I see the pause function more practical for the “I’m going away for a long-holiday or am too busy at work/family/whatever for the coming weeks so I will pause my membership rather than keep it active” kind of situation.

Ok, in that case I will cancel rather than pause my membership for summer given the uncertainties with pausing.

Same here, however things seem to have changed since last year, hence the request for a double-check that my progress will not be lost when I reactivate later this year.

Thanks all for the response, much appreciated.

Not knowing if I could re-pause after 8 weeks, I just decided to risk it and canceled my membership. After confirming I was shown a message that my data will be stored and I can pick up where I left off.

"Your Zwift Subscription is now cancelled. You can continue to ride till the end of your current billing cycle.
You can always log in and “JUST WATCH” to check out the action or go for a run - it’s FREE.
And when you’re ready to ride, you can reactivate your Zwift membership at any time.
We’ll keep all your hard-earned achievements, drops, and virtual swag safe in your Zwift garage.

The Team at Zwift"


I’m running pi-hole, pulled the network cable and the pause option magically appeared on FF. :slight_smile:

Apologies, replied to James instead of general reply. :confounded:

Be careful with the pausing option. I paused my subscription over a week ago and they’ve just taken a months payment even though it was paused. I have a support ticket raised but I’m still awaiting a reply.

Does anyone know if pausing membership retains any credit you have remaining on a prepaid 3 or 12 months? I would hope so, but just want to check.