Pausing membership - what happes to already paid subscription

On 9 March I paid my monthly membership fee for the period 9 March until 9 April. If I pause my membership today 11 March then do I get a reimbursement of the portion of my last payment for the period 11 March until 9 April (i.e. 28 days) for which I will not be using Zwift? or does the payment carry over to the period after when I have resumed my membership (so, for example, if I resume my membership again on, say, 20 April, my next payment will not be due until 28 days after 20 April)?

Thank you in advance for any useful feedback.

As I understand it, the pause doesn’t take effect until the end of the current subscription period, but I would certainly also appreciate a more definite answer.

Also, I guess there is no downside to simply selecting the maximum duration (8 weeks) and then just cancelling the pause sooner if so inclined?

Pausing is the same as cancellation in this regard afaik. I’ve just cancelled my subscription a couple of days ago because of the 8 week pause limit.

My currently paid subscription was valid for as long as I have already paid.