I've paused, but now I want to cancel

Hi all,

I paused my subscription a little while ago and have realised that I don’t want to continue afterwards. When I go to the membership section of the website I see the option to renew the membership manually, but no option to cancel. Can anyone provide assistance?

Before you ask, I’ve checked:

  1. The “Pausing and Resuming Your Membership” support page

  2. Attempted to email zwift, but across multiple browsers & devices the “contact us” website doesn’t allow me to email.


If your subscription is on manual renewal and it’s not active, it means it’s cancelled.

There’s no active subscription so you are fine and you won’t get charged. It just allows you to jump back on more easily if you ever want to come back

You have effectively cancelled already … it will never be auto-restarted or anything like that.

Your data and profile is retained and, if you ever decide to restart it, you can pick up where you left off. Or use a different email address for the new account and start from scratch.

Ok thanks, I just assumed that I would be auto-charged on the renewal date

From Zwift Insider:

You can pause your Zwift subscription for 2 to 8 weeks , starting with the end of your current billing cycle. All progress is saved with this option, too. You choose the length of the pause. When it’s over, your subscription will automatically activate again. You can also come back before your pause ends by reactivating

So I would try and check as it seems to be autorestarted.

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Interesting if that is the case.

I have never tried it myself, but the guy who introduced me to Zwift in the first place has suspended his account in April, when he started riding outside exclusively, and picked up with Zwift from where he left off in October at least twice over the last few years. He seems to be of the understanding that it can be indefinitely suspended and picked up again in future.

EDIT … this page makes clear that there are two options.


You can pause your membership for 2-8 weeks. Or cancel … but your progress will still be kept and can be picked up at any time in the future (presumably what my friend did/does).

Might be worth following the cancellation instructions on that page to check you have actually cancelled and not just paused.