Pause Zwift account for the summer

Hi, I miss the ability to pause my account like I always did before summer. Nowadays I only can cancel. What will that do with my account data when I resume in about autumn?

If you cancel your account you don’t lose anything. Just resubscribe when you’re ready to come back.

You won’t lose any of your progress.

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Hi there, I can’t seem to see the pause button in my account anymore, only cancel. Is there a reason for this - did Zwift change the system? It was their last year when I paused for a period in the Summer.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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I was just looking for this too. Is Pause no longer an option?

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Hi James, oh really - that’s interesting. Good to hear, I’d hate to lose my level after the work!

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Will try to find out. I haven’t heard if it’s deliverately been taken away.

The support page for pausing has apparently been deleted, and the option is gone from the membership page

Yep, confirmed that pausing is no longer an option.

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probably best to have removed the option, it seemed silly to me anyway. If I recall it was a max of 8 or 12 weeks, and seemed to always cause issues with when billing would resume (at least I recall seeing a lot of complaints on the forums about it).

CS used to have to deal with a lot of queries from people that had forgotten they had paused their account. This move makes a lot of sense for the benefit of both account holders and our internal teams.


That’s me cancelled now - for the “summer” :wink:

I’d have thought that the suspension/ automated restart option would have been a net benefit for Zwift, just knowing how customer retention works. It hadn’t occured to me that CS were being impacted by queries.

I’ll no doubt pop by the forums occasionally to see what’s happening in Zwift land. In the meantime, Ride On!


Annoying. I prefer to just pause and let auto resume. Stupid idea removing this feature. :unamused:

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Not really, cancelling does exactly the same thing and you don’t run the risk of having it resume before you wanted it to and this incurring charges.