Account Hold

I would like to request that Zwift offer a permanent hold or the ability to set a date to start back up after freezing your account. Currently you only offer 8 weeks, which is not really equal to summer timeframe. My fault I understand, but I was charged 2 months forgetting that it was only an 8 week freeze. Haven’t logged in in over 4 months and it is still high 80’s out, so have no plan to use Zwift for another 4-8 weeks. Extending this would just be a genuine act to your loyal customers. only 8 weeks seems disingenuous, to catch people like myself out and receive money when they don’t use the platform.

thank you for your consideration.

John Fig

Hi @John_Figueiredo, the “pause” option is relatively new. You can cancel your membership if it is going to be longer than 8 weeks, all of your progress and achievements will be saved when you come back after any time frame.

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Ok thank you, wasn’t aware of that. Many other things if you cancel them that is it, you lose the history etc…so didn’t think that was an option. I will do that for next spring. thanks.


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