Extended Pause?

I recently had to move out of my house as we’re doing some construction, but this is going to last 6 months. I can’t take my trainer with me as there is no space at the temporary location. I would like to continue with my account as I’ve put out just over 9,000 miles over the last 1.5 years that I’ve been a member. Any options for this? I know I’m not going to pay for 4 months, so if I have to quit, so be it, but it would be cool if Zwift would allow for something like this.

You can stop payment any month.
Basically, your account is on hold and when you reactivate, your data is preserved.

Cancel your subscription, dont pause (it only lasts up to 8 weeks), and don’t delete your account, just cancel it. When you come back in 6 months all your data will be saved and its like you never left.

Thanks Mike(and Tim in the previous answer)! This is what I’ll do - much appreciated.

Thanks Mike for putting out a more complete answer.
I didn’t realize there was the option of pause and delete.
I’ve always done on/off.