Better Support & pause option in Zwift

Dear Zwift Team,
what do you think about the suggestion that you provide a better pause option in Zwift.

Support suggests instead of pausing better to quit…
That sounds weird - i don´t want to quit - i just want to ride outside during the summer…
The current “pause option” is miserable. The credit vanished and I can only pause for 8 weeks…Its weird… So please think about to optimize the function.

If necessary, take as an example a sports watch like we all wear. Press the “pause button” and start again afterwards… Is the time still the same?!

If it is, think again about your current “pause option”.

Best regards and ride on!

If you quit you can come back later and all your data will be there where you left off.

But remember if you quit/pause you won’t have Zwift for those weeks in the summer when it rain every day.

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There are a lot of benefits to “Quit”. I just want to suggest to optimize the “pause function”…
But if Zwift want always quitting members - then thats the way next time…

And at the moment i´m depressed because i payed 14,99 for nothing… sound great to pause on Zwift… The best option i can suggest is to pause for a week…at the moment the “pause funciton” ist useless!

It sounds like you are suggesting that if you subscribe for a month, then pause with two weeks credit remaining. Return three weeks later then you should still have two weeks credit available to use?

If so, Zwift would be crazy to do that. If somebody only uses Zwift twice a week they could make three months subscription last for a year. Probably longer if you take account of holidays.

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