“No Signal” in the pairing screen

Hi @hank_Scorpio

Are you using Zwift on a Computer or telephone?

Most garmin straps are ANT+ only and most telephones are Bluetooth only.

Hi, I have the Garmin Dual-HRM, tried all variations of connecting via bluetooth and not…

Using it on iPhone XR

‘no signal’

Battery is fresh, no issues connecting to Hammerhead Karoo head unit…

Have disconnected/forgotten the device in Settings, Health, Wahoo, Garmin and so on…

Just downloaded app on OS X - works there.

Only a half solution IMO, but workable…

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I am having the same issue for the last 4 days with my Wahoo Kickr Core. I have been successfully using Zwift for nearly 12 months now without any issues.

I have deleted and reinstalled all apps without success.

The Kickr works OK with the Wahoo apps - have done spindowns successfully.

I am locked down at the moment and it is really frustrating. Very keen for any support here.

I am having the same issue for the last week. In the middle of the ride all the hud goes missing and the only item left is the HR strap. I have the same trainer, kickr core and also wahoo app and rouvy works flawless. Are there any news about the issue? This problem renders zwift unusable especially nowadays under self isolation. I will try my apple tv 4k tonight hoping that it works flawless. But under windows 10 it doesn’t work like it should.

Same issue for me, Wahoo Kickr snap, ANT+ to a PC that is less than a metre away. Connected but no signal. Have tried bluetooth too. Connects perfectly with apps like Rouvy, so guess that’s where I will be cycling.

I’ve just had the same issue on a clean install of Windows 10 (I never had the problem before I wiped my PC and re-installed the OS) and I have just managed to resolve it.

I initially paired my Tacx turbo trainer to my computer first in Bluetooth Settings (Windows Button > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices). Then when I went into Zwift, the app discovered the trainer but then instantly showed the frustrating ‘No Signal’ message.

To fix the issue, I removed the Tacx turbo device from the Bluetooth Settings list in Windows (path described above), and when I went back into Zwift, I searched for the device again - it connected and didn’t see the ‘No Signal’ message again.

It looks like Windows was hogging the connection to the turbo when it had an explicit/direct connection to it in Bluetooth settings.

Same issue with my MAC OSX and Kinetic Rock&Roll T6500, ZWIFT app see the roller only for two day then from Thursday nothing.
Connection work ok with other sensor (ticker hr / rotor 2inpower) but no controllable trainer. I’ve tried a reset of bluetooth on Mac OS X but no luck. iPhone Zwift app see the trainer fine and also other Mac OS X app like Rouvy or iOS app like kinetic fit.

I’s quite annoying.