No Signal after pairing

Getting no signal after pairing with my bushido connecting to my PC. Any solutions? HR sensor isn’t failing.

Are you pedaling during and after you pair the trainer?
How are you connecting the trainer (ANT+, direct BLE, or bridge BLE using the ZCA)?
What happens when you connect the trainer just to the Tacx app on a phone?

More info is needed to better assist you.

Yes, am pedaling. Using bluetooth direct to pc. Bridge to ZCA isn’t possible in zwift settings anymore.
I havent changed any settings or anything at all lately.

Have you tested the trainer using the Taxc app or any other app?

Yup, Tacx app works fine. It;s on an other device though: ipad instead of pc

I am a fan of ANT+ and a USB extension.

How far away is the trainer to the PC running Zwift?

2m. But switching to ANT doesn’t change the fact that my bluetooth connection that worked fine for a period of time, suddenly stopped working

I can’t remember, does that trainer take batteries, if so have you tried putting in new ones?

The Bushido is a wireless smarttrainer. But produces his own power while pedalling. Changing batt isn’t an option I believe.

Have you done any other the troubleshooting from this link:

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I will get into it. will be back with an update

None of the given options is helping. My bluetooth signal isn´s dropping fyi. It never is there.

Set my pc back to previous update, nothing.
Gave my pc a complete reinstall. nothing.
Gave my bushido a complete cleaning. nothing

All other devices have no bluetooth signal problem. Tacx app and utility app have no connecting issues.

So, may it be a zwift fault?

Can you use the Zwift Companion App to bridge the signal?
Does the PC have Bluetooth 4.0 or higher?

No I can’t. Zwift doesn’t allow me to use the option for ZCA. I cant mark that option in settings.
Bluetooth version 4.2 is active.

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Hi! Did you find a solution for the issue? Cheers.

Hi, what is the solution here? I’ve looked on various forums and there doesn’t appear to be a solution posted anywhere. I went on Zwift for over an hour last night no issues at all on my iPad. My wife tried to go on this morning with her lap top, the kickr ‘connects’ but then get ‘no signal’ message in the pairing screen. There is nothing wrong with the trainer, have reconnected to iPad and phones and it is connecting and working fine. Have turned Bluetooth off other devices, that doesn’t work. Have turned everything off and on again, that doesn’t work - please please help

Zwift use the latest Bluetooth hardware, it may be that your laptop does not meet the spec. I would suggest getting an ANT+ dongle.

I’m looking through the past couple of weeks of logins on your account, and I’m seeing iPad and iPhones only. I’m guessing that you’re discarding the logins from the laptop because of the failure to connect, is that correct?

This is to say I can’t tell your laptop hardware spec from our server logs. Does the laptop hardware meet the minimum requirements?

it was working a few weeks ago and had been working fine prior to that for the last few years, so how can it now meet the spec?

“I’m guessing that you’re discarding the logins from the laptop because of the failure to connect, is that correct” i’ve logged in on the lap top multiple times, i’ve not discarded any logins from the the macbook at all. i’ve checked the laptop hardware minimum requirements and it’s all fine, i’m on 10.11.6 iOS. but still getting the ‘no signal’ error on the paring page, this is becoming very frustrating