No Rider List?

I don’t think it’s a always a matter of complete absence of internet—perhaps little imperfections in the data stream. Quoting @shooj from another thread:

For this sort of thing, it helps to see the log files on your computer for that specific session. Here’s how to locate the log files. Please attach them to an email to so we can learn what may have happened.

Perhaps you could also run the log file(s) through Zwiftalizer yourself to look for any issues.

I’ll have a go at that. However, it’s not just dips or imperfections. The rider list disappears shortly after the start of a race and is gone for the rest of the race. Others seem to indicate the same.
When I warm down and go back cycling just like that in whatever world, I see loads of ‘zwifters nearby’. It seems to be race-specific.

If I have it again, I’ll go through zwiftalizer but this should be looked at by Zwift. The issue started shortly after an update :man_shrugging:

FYI, I did a ZHQ Beta Crit City race last night and the rider list worked fine on Windows 10.

I don’t really do races, but my son does races typically 2x per week (of various kinds–Crit City + others) and has never had any issues like this whatsoever (ATV4k).

Serioulsy it’s not our internet, it is across the whole platform. @shooj, It’s a very big issue!! Needs to be attended now.

Exactly; I think some are getting mixed up with different issues here.

There has been a very specific issue since the Steering update affecting EVERYONE within certain events and certain Worlds.

  • Rider list is empty apart from self

  • Those outside the event are visible

I did 2 back to back races Thursday but only the first (Innsbruckring) had the bug

To be clear, all those in the race experienced the same.

Not had this issue for a few weeks but experiencing again now in a London classique race. Quite annoying

Yes, just completed a crit city race and rider list disappears just after we started. Very annoying. I have no issues with my internet. I do hope this gets sorted.

Happened to me during Crit City last night even worse was all other riders on the course were visible so I couldn’t make out the race bunch. And loads of strange green arrows over their heads.

I’ve been having the same issue, rider list disappearing and those outside the race are visible and draftable. Basically racing blind because I have no idea of time gaps or which riders are in the race and which aren’t
The only races where I am not having these problems are the ZHQ Futureworks races.

So just done a ZHQ crit city race.

These appear to be races where Zwift try new ideas.

I hope they recognise racing blind is a bad one.

The green arrows I believe are anti sandbag so if the rider has a green arrow they should go up a Category. How this helps I don’t know because at the end in B Cat 22 out of 30 averaged over 4.2W/kg

Does anyone know why this happens yet? I have seen it happen on my last two races and its driving me crazy. Is it a bug, a setting chosen by whoever set the race up or something Im doing?

This happened to me today in 2 separate races. Live race positions were replaced by ‘Group riders nearby’ and all other zwifters riding the current map were visible on the course, making racing impossible

This happened to me yesterday 2/17/202- @ 12:20PM - 3R Classique Flat Race - 5 Laps (C) race.

I’m using AppleTV4k, and strong internet signal.

While in the start pen riders were disappearing and reappearing, I should have known better to just quit the race right then and there. When the race started, there were zero riders around me and no leaderboard. I decided to keep going for a while. When the leaderboard finally appeared, I had missed the break and was already way off the back. Not fun.

I feel like I am not seeing something that other riders are, but maybe a different problem than the one of not seeing anyone or seeing riders outside the race…
In KISS races (and others) where riders have staggered starts, I can only see the riders in my field on the side panel and the companion app, even if the event is setup as “all riders visible”. Other riders appear to be able see different category riders in the side panel because they might mention them in a message, and I’ve also seen other riders’ recordings of the same race where other category riders appear on the side panel.

For me, I can see the additional riders’ avatars in the group, and ocassionally their name will pop up, but I can’t see the corresponding riders on the panel.

I’m typically running Zwift on Apple TV 4K. Don’t know if this is a hardware thing, a settings thing, or if I’m just out of my mind.


That’s normal. One workaround i have found that usually works if you know who the riders in other cats are (check zp live) and manually fanview them from companion it then starts to show all that cat in the rider list.

Not sure how old this post is, but 26/08/2023 - have raced all this week and there still has been the issue of no rider list displayed during the events. Hopefully someone important reads this and fixes the issue

This is an old post. I’ve not heard of issues with the riders list.

Any chance you are using iPad and swiped it off the screen if you swipe back on from right it should appear?

Oh… doh i may have dammit make sense now ill give ita crack next event thanks for that

I’m not sure if it’s changed since this post, but if not you may find this useful