No resistance in climbs / Wahoo Kickr

Its the same problem on windows/mac and ipad, even after managing to do a factory spin down on the wahoo app for android. Have contacted wahoo support for help.

@Mark_Angel-Trueman Did you ever hear back from Wahoo or fix the issue? I am experiencing the exact same issue.

Afraid not. Spoke to wahoo at length and got to proving that it’s definitely a problem with how zwift are sending data to the trainer. Gave up trying to convince zwift support that there is an issue. Fed up getting fobbed off with the same canned responses of doing calibrations and ensuring i am properly connected even after explaining precisely what the issue is.

Forget the Kickr in the Wahoo app. Disable Bluetooth on your phone.

Now pair the Kickr as power and controllable trainer. Do not pair the cadence or HR. Now give it a test.

Once you get that working, you can try adding your cadence and HR. You might find that ANT+ works better than Bluetooth. It really depends on your devices and environment.

I have just experienced this problem


  • Windows10 w/ ANT+ dongle
  • Kickr18
  • Iphone11 w/ Zwift companion
  • DuoTrap cadence/speed sensor
  • Garmin heartrate monitor

Resistance does not change at all if all devices are connected to my windows computer with ANT+ connection.

Resistance changes if I connect Kickr18 through Zwift companion app via bluetooth while cadence and heart rate monitor are connected through windows via ANT+

I’m new to all of this but I am having this problem and I just set everything up yesterday for the first time.

New Kickr Snap
Zwift app on Ipad (running IOS14)

I am not getting any resistance when I’m on hills in the Zwift app. My rider slows way down but there is zero resistance change on my Kickr. I have tried this both with my apple watch being a heartrate monitor via the companion app on my iPhone, and without (where I’m simply running Zwift on the Ipad and that’s it).

I have the latest firmware on my Kickr and the latest version of all the apps.

Hi @Mike_Vinikour

Do you pair your trainer as power and controllable?

Did you try to set your trainer difficulty to 100%

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I unpaired my Kickr from everything (zwift and wahoo apps), and then rebooted all devices and then only paired the Kickr with my Zwift app on ipad. I was also mindful to make sure it paired like you said and then set the difficulty to 100 percent. I’m happy to report after that my ride today worked as expected and really felt like riding! Thank you!!

@Gerrie_Delport do you use your H3 on 100% trainer difficulty all the time? I have yet to try this on our one H3 that has some issues.

No @Joe_Petrilli_R1K_C

I use 50% because I have a 53/39 chainring and 11-25 cassette. when racing I only use the big chainring and never go to the 39.

This solution worked for me, thanks.

I’m having this problem as well and none of the suggestions I’ve seen in the forums have worked. How do I email zwift? Can you provide an email I can contact? For some reason I’m not able to email through the web site. After hitting “send” I just get the dreaded spinning arrows and the message never sends :confused: