No more calibration trainer button

Hello, i use Zwift with Ipad Pro and Elite Direto X trainer…
Where is calibration button? disaperead?

Hi @Marco_Giovanazzi, welcome to Zwift forums! Trainer calibration over Bluetooth was temporarily removed in our update in late February so that we could work to iron out some kinks in the system. We will be adding it back in with a future update, but in the meantime, you can calibrate the trainer in Elite’s My E-Training app. Once finished, the calibration will save to the trainer, and carry over to Zwift. :slightly_smiling_face:

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great! tks

I was wondering when you will be adding the button back again. Im having difficulties calibrating my Elite Direto X through their app. It keeps “hanging” at “start peddling” and never returns a value… I tried to reach out to them directly, but the customer service is not replying… (working hours probably affected by COVID-19)
Thx fr your help

Try to uninstall myElite training and reinstall. Turn the bluetooth and the location on before starting myElite. It worked 4 me.

Does it work for Élite Realpower wired too?
The calibration in Zwift is very bad, the resistance is the same both uphill and downhill.