Trainer Calibration stuck at step 3, after upgrade to Zwift v1.0.6x

Does Zwift intend to fix the in-game calibration feature?

The trainer calibration in Zwift worked fine for me several times since I started using Zwift in Oct 2020. However, since the Zwift upgrade to 1.0.6x in Dec 2020, trainer calibration gets stuck on step 3 every single time. I see in the Zwift forums that many other people have this stuck on step 3 calibration issue with several different trainer manufacturers and models. Here’s one example, but no solution on the Zwift game side: t/calibration-ride-gets-stuck-on-step-3/325730/17

I also found this post about the calibration feature being temporarily removed to work on it: t/no-more-calibration-trainer-button/247267

Some people noted noted that a workaround is to use the trainer manufacturer’s calibration software; that appears to work for many people, but not everyone.

In some cases quite some time has been wasted by people waiting for the calibration to progress past step 3. Perhaps putting in a time limit and some messaging in the UI would be helpful too, as in “hold 37kph for 10 seconds”, then the calibration procedure takes over so that no one is left spinning and waiting.

I’m using an Elite Direto XR (firmware revision 073, hardware revision 001) and connecting it to Zwift via bluetooth.

Same here, Elite Direto XR rev. 073, Bluetooth, Windows 10. Calibration never leaves Phase 3.
No big hassle tough, because I can calibrate via the Elite App (and never had a different value across several calibrations). But it would be nice to calibrate in Zwift again.

Same issue here with Direto XR. I use the Elite software to calibrate

@shooj can we move this to known issues?