Calibration Ride gets 'stuck' on step 3

Hey all,
Since a few days I am the proud owner of an Elite Suito smart trainer. To get started with Zwift I have to do this pre ride calibration ride. These are 5 steps en the first step is to paddle to 37kph and stop paddling. When I do this it then tells me to keep paddling in the current speed. This is step 3 of 5 but I’ve been paddling for more then 30 minutes and nothing happens.
Now…I don’t want to sound lazy but without any sign of progress or durance it didn’t feel right so I stopped.

When I search the internet about these calibration rides (e.g. youtube tutorials) I get the feeling this should be a matter of just minutes.

Am I doing something wrong?
Hopefully someone can help me with this.

Kind regards,
The Netherlands.

To me the same :thinking::angry:

If it does not work in Zwift then you can use the trainer app. The result is stored on the trainer so you will be calibrated using Zwift or the trainer app.

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Thank you! That worked perfect.

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Thanks Gerrie!

and Rob, to answer your specific question, the calibration in Zwift should take around 1 minute.

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Same here, and I know I can calibrate using the trainer app. But i guess the point for me is that zwift gets stuck, I’m not the only one having the issues but i don’t see a resolution here in regards to the zwift problem?

Same issue, what gives? Is this a known problem, will there be a fix? Is it my trainer? I’m using a Saris M2


Forgive me for being slow here, but what trainer app? I have this Zwift calibration issue, but it used to work.


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Has anyone found a solution to this? I’ve got an elite suito that I can calibrate neither on zwift nor on the my e-trainer app. I have no idea how I’m going to calibrate it now. Anyone have any suggestions?

I’m still stuck too.

Calibrate with the Elite software/app and NOT with Zwift. Make sure you are fully disconnected from Zwift and Zwift is completely shut down (if using Windows, Zwift should not be in the Quick Taskbar in the lower right of the screen).