Calibrate not working

Hi. I have tightebed bolts on my elite direto xr - now my power shows 2000w and i hava a warning signal in the riders list.
I would like to calibrate the direto again but zwift does not show the symbol to do it… i have restarted etc.

How can i force calibration?
Greets lorenz

Use the Elite app. Don’t calibrate in Zwift.

Hej. Thanks for answering. What is the app called? Also if i connect on zwift it shows me multiple versions of my direto

Why did you “tighten bolts”? It sounds like you’ve tightened something too much. I would ask Elite support for advice through their ticketing system.

The direto app is called myetraining

Well since the FE-C option is showing 3008W I would try the Bluetooth one at the bottom. But your trainer is probably busted or you need to undo whatever you did to it. Use the MyEtraining app, update the firmware if available, do a calibration. Honestly I doubt this will help but you may as well do it. Whatever bolts you tightened, reverse those changes.

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