Elite xrt calibration

with my new Direto XRT i cannot calibrate zwift but i can do only with Elite App, i dont have wrench icon beside trainer.
I done calibration wit elite app but i seen again about 15/20 watts less than power meter on bike.
Power Meter on bike it s perfect calibration also with Garmin, then when i look watts on Garmin are more than Zwift on monitor.

Elite service told me that Direto XRT non are yet compatibel with Zwift, how i can do?

I work with ant+ connection and last year, with Direto X, i seen wrench icon and measurement was perfect.

thx so much for answers.

No trainer should be calibrated using Zwift. You’re doing it correctly using the Elite app.

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Check the calibration number you get back from the Elite MyEtraining software and compare it with the factory calibration number written on the base of your trainer. The two should be within a few units of each other - if they’re not, you need to contact Elite support.

Thx for answers,
I done every step you wrote before, calibration code with elite Direto are perfect: 6411.
The problem is: on zwift I see 15/20 watts less when riding.

What’s the percentage difference between the power meter and the trainer? Which power meter is it?

Like, 130 watt on zwift and 145/150 on power meter on bike, It s a Quark, never give me problems also with pair with Garmin

I installed yet “rouvy”, tomorrow I must train then I will control also with that app, I m sorry because with Zwift I m at 42 level …:crazy_face:

How do you know which one is more correct? Either one could be correct. However you can pair the Quark power meter for power in Zwift and still pair the trainer for resistance if you prefer.

Right Paul, I say because in all 3 training, hearth rate are more in “z3” then “z2”.

There is another “strange” thing with this trainer on Zwift:
with erg mode, after 10 minutes, at 160 watt in recovery, cadence become at 45 rpm with 34 front and 32 rear …with Direto X before, never happen …
Without erg mode, not have problems