HELP - change in watts for effort

Recently (sometime between 12-17 September) my Zwift ride experience changed dramatically overnight. I was a regular in ‘C’-paced group rides and able to maintain 2.7w/kg average for 1 hour comfortably. Now I am unable to hold 2.2w/kg for more than 20 minutes. I have done a recalibration several times and checked my profile details. I am not unwell or overtrained. The only way I can describe it is that the same effort appears to be producing considerably fewer watts and I am certain it is something to do with the interface, not me. I use an Elite Direto XR-T trainer and Apple TV. Any help much appreciated so I can get back to the group rides I so enjoy.

Are you calibrating through Zwift? Always use the trainer manufacturer’s app to calibrate and not Zwift.

Are you getting a value displayed from the calibration that is very close to the factory value marked on the underside of your trainer?

just bear in mind that someone who works at elite seems to have picked up the remarkable ability to write the numbers 2, 4 and 5 in a way that they look almost identical to eachother

Thanks Steve. The number underneath is 6718 versus 6716 on the app. Sounds close enough?

Yes, that’s close enough, so it’s calibrating properly.

Might be worth a read through this thread. Not sure how relevant to your situation but two things to consider, cleaning of the motor screw and fairly recent Elite firmware update.

I appreciate thread is mostly about workout mode but might help. You might want to try a workout to gauge feel in workout ERG mode.

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This could also be an effect of the new pack dynamics v4.1 and wasted watts.

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That’s a possibility I can’t positively argue against with any certain knowledge.


The OP rides very regular group rides for more than a year. If they have built up the ability to ride 160+ watts for 2.5 hours in a group ride and can now only do 160+ watts for 25 minutes in the same group ride two weeks later does it really matter whether watts are being wasted. If the reporting of watts is correct they should still be able to do 160+ watts for 2.5 hours even if they are wasting watts.

There is no HR data to identify if the group ride is coming to an end because they are dropped (wasted watts ?) or whether pushing the ‘reported’ 160 watts has just become far to hard. IDK?

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Sorry, I didn’t read OP’s post well enough. Watts are watts.


Thanks Ian - you’re correct that the group rides for the past week or 2 have ended prematurely because I get dropped, simply can’t stay on, at what seems like low watts for my history. It’s very frustrating.