Elite Directo 2 Wattage issues

I recently pruchased the above trainer and have paired and calibrated IAW instructions and Zwift info vids on youtube…
The issues i have now is that although i can keep the RPM at a steady pace (@96 for training at mo) the wattage is jumping from anywhere between 90w - 192w…
Now this is a massive change and is giving me poor stars and workout readouts which also in turn is effecting my rider level…
Has anybody else got this problem…
A few info’s.
UK, running wifi with laptop, trainer and companion on phone attached to bike. wifi signal good
Help required please before i lose the will to carry on with zwift…

I’m also an Elite Direto 2 user and do experience the same fluctuations in wattage at a constant cadence. The fluctuations i’m seeing aren’t anywhere near as bad as yours if I’m honest, if I’m in ERG mode and trying to hold say 200w at a steady RPM it can fluctuate between maybe 185w and 220w.
I started on Zwift on the Direto Jan 19 and last summer I managed to snap the belt (I’d love to think it couldn’t handle my power but I suspect it more likely a faulty part). When I fitted the belt there is a calibration exercise you need to do and I’m wondering if you need to do it. It might be worth contacting Elite and asking them, their support was pretty good in my experience.

Hope this helps,

Hi Rob,

Just wondering if you resolved this - I have the same issue, and consequently don’t use ERG anymore.

Many thanks


Yeah I ended up selling it and now got Taxc Neo Bike

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Thanks - More expensive solution than I wanted!

Thanks for responding.

try using erg mode from the little ring, it should make the trainer have to work less. but diretos are pretty bad for erg mode no matter what