Watts uneven between each calibration

I’m Zwiftging using Macbook and Direto XR.

I’ve Noticed that my watts performance are significantly uneven when I do my Zwift calibration.
I’ve didn’t paid any attention to this at start as I thought it was coming from my legs and form of the moment.
But know i’m roughly moving from 2,8w/kg to 3,5w/kg with similar condition (HR, ride profil and length etc…), which is confirming my sensations that the calibrations changes the difficulty of the HT.

Always doing calibration after 15/20 mn warm up for the HT
Numbers of the direto calibration are ok (comparing the number in the paper under the HT and the number from the Elite app)

I’m ok to have an “average” form and not being a “B Cat”
It’s just pretty mind blowing to be unable to follow my progression and set training plans with inconsistent numbers
The funny part is that now zwiftpower wants me to be a B rider from lasts overeading numbers and I obviously can not handle this Cat.

Any suggestions to solve the issu?
Thx you in advance

Calibrate with the Trainer app (Elite)…do NOT calibrate with Zwift. I do not know if the Elite app give calibration/spin down time results but if it does, are they consistent?
Are you changing environments?


I use to calibrate both, so I will try to stop the zwift one.

Yes the Elite calibration is consistent, it gives you a number that you have to compare to the one preset and written on the bottom of the HT.

I moved last month, (that probably explain the crazy high numbers I get, 20% too high), and when I calibrated back, the watts were lower than it has always been