Off the charts power readings from Elite Direto (MacOS Big Sur)

I have issues with power readings from my Elite Direto being off the charts from time to time after upgrading to MacOS Big Sur. In Elite’s own sw the readings are correct, but in Zwift I have a tendency to put out 2000W every now and again and I’m quite sure I’m not.

@Anders_Johansson welcome to Zwift forums.

We’d like to see the log files on your Mac. Here’s where to find them.

Would you send those in to our Support team so we can have a look at your case specifically?

One other question: is this trainer placed in direct sunlight?

Nope. It’s well in the shadow. Actually at this time of year we don’t have a lot of sunshine (nor daylight) really. :slight_smile:

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Located and copied the log files from yesterday afternoon. Where do I mail them? I can’t seem to find an email adress.

Found it!

Log files ziped and emailed.
Thank you for quick response.

Tried reading the power from my (one sided) Stages powermeter and at least while not using ERG-mode and a training plan it worked. Could it be an issue that Zwift takes the reading for left leg only? (I wasn’t wearing cycling shoes and were bare foot).

I saw this happening on my post ride critical power chart about 9 months ago and reported it to Zwift. Their response:

“At the moment, we aware of the issue, and it actually goes back some time in Zwift’s lifespan. It is also tied to a couple of other issues we’ve seen, so we’re working to address them as soon as we can.”

Thanks for sending the log files. I’ve forwarded to the QA team to investigate.

The ridiculous wattage thing can happen to some trainers if they’re left in direct sunlight. Depending on the specific technologies (i.e. strain gauges) the power meter uses, big fluctuations in temperature can give really inaccurate readings.

That being the case - you might try calibrating your trainer using Elite’s app.

It’s also odd that the Stages powermeter has no such issues in ERG mode.
I wonder if Elite has a firmware update for your Direto, and if updating would improve the experience?

I’ve checked Elite for a firmware update but it seems I’ve got the latest one. I have calibrated in Elite’s own app but it seems it doesn’t carry over to Zwift. Is it possible to calibrate in Zwift?

Yes, and no, I haven’t tried using Stages as power meter in ERG-mode.

Calibration within Zwift is possible for some trainers, but the manufacturers do a better job keeping their apps up to date for accurate calibration. So we advise using the manufacturer app.