No calibration on Elite Direto

(Fabrice Deletre 6864-D) #1


When using an Elite Direto smart trainer, there is no calibration icon on pairing screen. Could you explain why?

Other question. Is it possible to adjust amount of magnetic brake that is applied nominally (flat road) on the trainer by Zwift? It could be useful to adjust trainer simulation and feeling on real road.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards. FD

(Piotr Lewandowski KISS (C)) #2

I got the same. I heart from Shane Miller posts that calibration will appear after a couple of usages but after 2 weeks I still dont see the csalibrarion button.

(Tyler Shannon) #3


At the current movement, we don’t support in game calibration for Elite trainers. 

(Daniel Ambrose) #4

I’ve got the same thing but with wahoo kickr.

(Matthew Whitwell) #5

When will you support calibration for Elite trainers?

(Christos Kyratsous) #6

Does the calibration using the elite software transfer over to zwift?

(Matthew Whitwell) #7

Hi Tyler S.

Im not sure you did answer the question on this one. We know you dont support it at the moment otherwise we wouldnt be asking.

The real answer is whether there are any plans to add this trainer to the list of supported models or not?

Given the market share that Elite has and the popularity of this trainer in particular then I would think it should be a core part of the calibration offering?


(J Rob) #8

Is there any update on this topic please? I am having the same issue