Neo 2T no lights, no BT

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My Neo 2T did the same thing this morning. Fan became louder, resistance disappeared, no BT, Power on to AC adapter but not to the trainer.

5 days out of warranty. Do you think Garmin will still honour it 5 days out of warranty?? :frowning:

Hi, I’d hope so but give them a call and have all the details available - serial number, and proof of purchase.
As soon as I went through the problem they said it would have to be replaced, issued a returns label for UPS and it’s now on it’s way.
Mine was just a month inside the 2 year warranty.
Hope they do the right thing by you :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks Haydn. I have a Fault Ticket underway with Garmin now. We have a 1 year warranty in Australia unfortunately. Who knows why… lol. Fingers crossed I get a good outcome like you. Zwift membership paused till sorted. :frowning:

1 year, that’s ridiculous. How do they get away with that?

I remember seeing this on the Garmin web site when I was checking out to claim on Warranty:


Built to last.

Three simple words that describe our products, our company, our culture, our future. As a leading, worldwide provider of navigation, we are committed to making superior products for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and sports.

If you’re not getting a good response, it might be worth reminding them of this. Also there is obviously a serious common fault with the Neo as we’re not the only ones to have this problem.


There is Australian Consumer Law and ACCC that do refer to the length of time that is reasonable for a product to last. The use of and cost of the product would be two of the considerations.
My experience with Garmin so far has been positive and I have a number of other products of theirs so let’s hope it continues too