Tacx Neo Smart 2 - No lights and no bluetooth!

Hi all

I was on zwift doing a workout on my tacx neo smart 2 last night and the trainer stopped providing resistance/generating power and the lights on the trainer went out. Turned it off and tried again this morning and when the power is turned on a fan comes on but no lights or bluetooth connectivity!

any ideas?

Your Neo needs to see the doctor… (faulty trainer… :frowning: )

Do you know others who have had this or a similar issue?

Sorry… no.

But from the looks (sound?) of it, you need to see your dealer.

Hi Stuart,
yes I have had this problem.
I took it back to LBS and received a full refund. This was the 2nd Neo to let me down. Store was really good, no problem at all. The first one I had to wait for the refund as they wanted to check it and send it back to main supplier. I still got a full refund though.
I would always go for the refund as you get another 2 years warranty should you choose to get another Neo or another model.
After my second one, I decided to give up on the Neo.
First one lasted 11 months, the 2nd, 7 months, I think.

Same thing happened to me today. 1 hour and 45 min into a zwift ride the resistance dropped to zero and seemed like the power cut out. When i went to try turning it back on an hour or so later… no LED lights came on, but a fan did come on. I guess I need to bring back to store I bought it (REI) and use the warranty? Thanks for any tips

Assuming the fan comes on full whack then it’s dead, you need to get a warranty replacement. Same happened to my Neo 2, Garmin replaced it with a 2T.

Looks like Garmin will mail me a factory refurbished Neo 2 and I will mail back the broken one. Is there anything I could have done or said so they would have sent me a Neo 2T like others received? Thanks.

Depends what they have available I guess. At the time they told me the 2 was being phased out (presumably in favour of the 2 SE) which was why they were sending me a 2T. I didn’t ask for one. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Yeah hopefully when your replacement unit overheats and burns out the sensor they wont have any old Neos left to swap you out , so you will get your 2T then :thinking:

Had exactly the same issue with my NEO today. Did anyone eventually manage to fix the issue themselves or everybody had to have their unit replaced?

I had to have the unit replaced - didn’t seem to be a fix

This happened to my Neo 2 trainer yesterday, no lights just a high pitched fan noise. Not even 2 years old. I’m currently waiting on the distributor.

My Neo2T did the same last night. Near the end of a workout no resistance or connection fan just whirred and all lights were out. Not a happy bunny! My Tacx Fortius was still going strong mechanically/electrically after ten years before Garmin pulled the plug on the software server which meant it was dead when I had to change the laptop that it was running on. (Garmin stopped providing the authorisation keys!)

Just got this same experience tiday. My trainer is 1.5 years old. Did any anyone here able to resolve it? or is this a total replacement of the unit?

I just have the same issue today with Neo first gen. It was working 2 days ago without any issue. When I plug , I hear the fan for a few seconds then nothing happen: no LED and no Bluetooth signal. Any idea which electronic component is dead? I am out of warranty and not sure Garmin will replace it.

Almost definitely the main power board. Mine went the same way. Has it fixed though and all been good

If you’re out of warranty, Rich Webb is the go-to guy (in the UK); see https://www.theturbotrainerdoctor.com/

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He certainly is. That’s where mine went.