Tacx Neo Smart 2 - No lights and no bluetooth!

Hi all

I was on zwift doing a workout on my tacx neo smart 2 last night and the trainer stopped providing resistance/generating power and the lights on the trainer went out. Turned it off and tried again this morning and when the power is turned on a fan comes on but no lights or bluetooth connectivity!

any ideas?

Your Neo needs to see the doctor… (faulty trainer… :frowning: )

Do you know others who have had this or a similar issue?

Sorry… no.

But from the looks (sound?) of it, you need to see your dealer.

Hi Stuart,
yes I have had this problem.
I took it back to LBS and received a full refund. This was the 2nd Neo to let me down. Store was really good, no problem at all. The first one I had to wait for the refund as they wanted to check it and send it back to main supplier. I still got a full refund though.
I would always go for the refund as you get another 2 years warranty should you choose to get another Neo or another model.
After my second one, I decided to give up on the Neo.
First one lasted 11 months, the 2nd, 7 months, I think.