Tacx Neo sudden death! Expert sought!

After three years of perfect service, yesterday my Tacx Neo decided enough was enough. No lights, no ant+, no Bluetooth. Luckily it still functioned as a dumb trainer and my power meter pedal meant Zwift could go on!

There is a facebook page for the Tacx Neo and it seems there are a number of people experiencing the same issue. Garmin (Tacx) say that it is a fault on the power board and it cannot be fixed and there are no replacement parts.

Anyone else had this happen and more importantly, has anyone found a way to fix it?


Not exactly the help your hoping for but…

As an professional electronic repair guy for many years, taking a look at the power board makes me think it should be possible to repair it. Especially power failures tends to be easier to locate than many other types when you’re stuck without documentation.

And from what I read around the response you got from Garmin ( I guess Tacx had another policy on repairs and customers ? ) is pretty much the standard reply to anything with expired warranty :thinking:

If you could find a small electronic repair shop with “that nerdy guy” in the workshop or perhaps a local radio amateur ( club ? ) I would think it would be worth asking if they would give it a try - a Neo is far to good to throw out - and buying a new Tacx(Garmin) might not be that interesting if they don’t support a 3 year old high end trainer :wink:

Let me know if you get any luck with it ?



Well, Garmin offer an exchange/repair service at a standard flat rate of £646.15 plus shipping, but only offer a six month warranty. So that would give me an old part worn and obsolete trainer, for almost the cost of a new unit. They also offer a discount on a new unit. No wonder we live on a polluted planet with such a disposable item philosophy!
Anyway, with nothing to lose I decided to take it all apart and have a look. The pcb had no sign of fried components and when I started to remove it the red power light came on. That told me two things. First to disconnect it and secondly something had changed for the better!
So I disconnected and reconnected all the internal cables and put it back together. It is working again, but no ant+. Tried Zwift and everything is perfect via Bluetooth. No idea how long it will last. Hopefully until we are back to a situation where trainers are available again (maybe even a glut of used ones!) and I can get a KICKR!


Hi Neil,
great to hear that you have a Neo you can use again.
Garmin’s response is very poor. As a Neo owner, it doesn’t give me much confidence.
“Ride On”

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