Tacx Neo Power issues

(N ANDO) #1


I have recieved a tacx neo, and I have problems. I link it to the Garmin 520 and Zwift, and the power is jumping all the time: 75 150 200 60 120W (in 10 secs)… And it has a big delay. Maybe, Is it broken?.
It has the last update!!,

Thanks in advanced.


(. TomH..) #2

Hi Ando, 

This could be because you paired the NEO to both devices/softwares simultaneously using one protocol - Ant+ I’m guessing. Try pairing only Zwift and please, let us know if it worked fine. If you need to pair your Garmin too for some reason, you can try pairing it using Ant+ and Zwift through Bluetooth. That should work fine.

I hope it helps, Ride On!

(N ANDO) #3

Hi, thanks for your quick replay.


I tried everything, but No luck. It is very difficult ride in ZWIFT, the power is constantly jumping (how I said before), and the delay is enormous. Near the 6 or 8 secs. If I begin from 0W, From I start to pedaling and I can see the Watts in Zwifts, it could pass near of 8 secs (the same in Garmin 520).


(. TomH..) #4

Hi Ando, 

I’m sorry to say but because you have the same problem with the Garmin device too, it looks like your trainer might be faulty. I’d contact Tacx first, they will ask you to do some basic tests and hopefully will be able to tell you more.

Let us know how it went and good luck! 


(Jonathan Isles) #5

Make sure you have updated the firmware to the latest