Power issue during races

It’s the second time I have issue on power
See picture.

As you can see power from trainer is constant.
I shall go into connection, remove my trainer and connect again.
Connexion on PC with Bluetooth (as usual).
I have more than 200 races I have this issue for the first time on 20 dec 2021

I saw similar problem with 2t and it was trainer issue.

I have also neo 2t
How did you solve this issue ?

In additional te my issue :

  • I record Tacx on my Garmin in Ant+
    I don’t see error on the speed provided by Tacx
  • I have a lot of issue with Bluetooth between zwift and Decathlon hrm since the last zwift update

Issue was not solved by us, because trainer was returned to Garmin after UCI Championships.

Do you have ticket number from Garmin support ?

Trainer was provided for free to use in UCI eCycling World Championships last year, there was no support ticket. We decided to send back faulty unit.

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I dindn’t change my configurtation.
Now two weeks without issue.
It was probably isolated bug.

For your information, i contacted garmin support and i received attached procedure.
Maybe this can help somone.
[Anomalie de puissance ou couplage sur Tacx Neo.pdf - Google Drive](https://Annomalie de puissance ou couplage sur Tacx Neo.pdf)

Two solutions works for me all the time (w/ Kickr Bike):

  • Use Companion App to do the pairing or
  • ANT+ (requires USB dongle for me); this brings the disadvantage of not allowing steering but that’s disabled on most events, so it’s fine for now
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