Bluetooth not pairing with my Tacx since the new update Zwift

Bluetooth not pairing with my Tacx since the new update Zwift 1.1.9 1.45.0
is it possible to downgrade the version ?

It’s not possible to downgrade.

Test your trainer using the Tacx app. Check for firmware updates and calibrate it (if it supports calibration) using the Tacx app. If it works there then it may be a problem with Zwift. If it doesn’t, contact Garmin support. Terminate the Tacx app before starting Zwift.

It is good with the application tacx training.

You probably need to talk to Zwift support. If you persist when talking to the chat bot and tell it you need more support, eventually it will let you open a support case.

I have already trying to contact support zwift but it’is difficult to have a personalized answer.

Email them on

I’m also having Bluetooth issues in that I can’t now pair to my power meter for cadence. It will pair for power but that’s it. Controlled trainer is a Tacx neo.

I have a Tacx Neo 2T

That’s what I’ve got. I can pair to that however can’t pair to my meter for cadence, just power which is pointless.

Raise a ticket on My issue is unresolved so far but to be fair to support I’m getting responses from them.

I’m waiting for a return from the support and I’ll let you know if I get the solution from the support

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i have the same trainer and it works fine with 1.45 on windows 10.

If you are using Bluetooth connection make sure that your trainer is not connected to any other device cause it can only connect to 1 and it will not be discovered in Zwift. If you use phone with BT turn it OFF.

If you use Windows for Zwift or Garmin EDGE Bike Computer while Zwifting also check that you don’t have trainer connected via BT directly.

That hasn’t worked for some time. You need to go through the Support chatbot on the website, keep telling it that what it’s suggesting doesn’t help, and it’ll eventually give you a form for contacting support.

I’ve got an email trail going with input from two members of the support team.

Once you’ve raised a support ticket you can follow up with them via email, yes.

But you can’t start a new support ticket via email.

I opened a support ticket by emailing them on July 1 and got a reply in about 3 hours.

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