Tacx Neobike Smart 3 replacements in 2 year?

Evening all.

Just after some opinions on my situation and potential options as I can’t find much about it online.

I bought a Tacx Neobike Smart in May 2022 after many happy years with a Neo. Obviously this comes with a 2 year garmin UK warranty.

Come August 22, item was making some horrifying noises. Contacted the retailer who suggested Garmin will be able to better assist with a repair. I could have pressed this here with them but I was happy with the item until the problem & I wanted it fixing/replacing rather than a refund.

Garmin instantly stated the whole unit needed replacing (cue 2 weeks with no trainer, 2 days off to work to send and receive the replacements as at 70kg, I can’t take them to a posties)

Replacement item was fine until January 24. More noises, again got intouch with Garmin who stated a replacement was needed. Paid a £1700 deposit this time so the replacement came first before I sent the old one back.

Replacement came, got my refund etc and now 3 weeks later, the replacement unit is making noises and Garmin is bound to state an exchange for a third time in 2 years.

Each exchange has been a refurbished unit rather than new and the warranty has not restarted.

As the warranty will expire in May 2024, I’m worried this will be a money pit after that, not to mention the hassle of swapping once or twice a year.

What options do people think I have here ?, can they just replace over and over with knackered units until I’m out of warranty?

Imo, an item like this should last more than 24 months.

Usage wise, I do about 5-7 hours a week. 62kg M, 225w ftp so not some Chris Hoy power generator

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know about UK laws… But in the EU this would be definitely a reason for a refund (I would go this way). And during the legal warranty time is always the retailer responsible!

Is there any consumer protection organisation in the UK you can contact?

Thanks for the reply.

Refund is the way in thinking. May go Wahoo next time.

We do have legal rights over here which ill look into.

More disappointed in Garmin than anything else :rage:

I had a nice chat session with Garmin (needed some parts for my old Tacx Neo 1st gen) - perhaps you could try it?
Of course it depends on the person you are chatting with…).

Chatting to Garmin is fine. They are always helpful and arrange a replacement trainer.

My issue is come may, this bi-annual event of needing a new trainer is going to be at my cost.

The best garmin could do now is to stop giving me refurbished units (they clearly arnt checking them properly) and try a new one. But that is unlikely.

Ciao Matt,
Anche io ho avuto gli stessi problemi con tacx neo bike 1v. Sostituita 2 volte per rumori strani, (smontare e mandare in assistenza per 15 giorni) una volta rotto il sistema ruota libera (ho chiesto ad un amico meccanico e ho riparato) per fortuna!!!
Molto deluso da Garmin per i continui problemi (visto il costo €3000 circa).

Have you shared these exact feelings with Garmin already? I’d tell them your fears and how you’re thinking that you need to investigate defective product regulations in order to protect yourself from loss, but of course you prefer to just get some reasonable accommodation from them. This is entirely within their control. They can ship you a brand new bike or give you a refund any time they want to.

After joining the Neobike group on facebook, these failures seem awfully frequent.

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Yea i will be approaching garmin with these suggestions in due course, i am simply assessing all my options incase they refuse to play ball.

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To keep anyone interested upto date, I had a chat with garmin today.

They confirmed as expected that on viewing the videos, the unit would need to be replaced again.

After expressing my dismay at needing 4 bikes in 22 months and that one common item across all 3 failures so far has been the handle bar/display, which obviously can & must interact with the flywheel system by the shifters, they have agreed to supply a complete new bike rather than a refurb, including new display/bars.

As a new item, they have also restarted the warranty back to 2 years remaining so ill have had a OEM warranty for 4 years by the time it runs out.

I still personally worry about the items design & reliability, but fingers crossed the new bike sorts it out.

Chapeau to Garmin Customer service who in their fairness could have stuck to a refurb motor unit only & let me suffer my fate with the retailer Sigma, who quite naughtily refused to deal with this issue when I asked for a refund after 99 days of ownership & refused to put correspondence in writing, instead ringing me up after each exchange.

Sadly, they wouldnt let me exchange & upgrade to a Plus with the swanky realistic shifters, but I run zwift/Trainerroad on full auto anyway so rarely ever shift.


Similar story for myself here bought my tacx neo bike from Tredz Nov 22, ive had 3 bikes sent since then due to pedal looseness, pinch bolt snapping & noises while pedaling, the latest bike (feb 24 now slips under load top end sprint) Ive sent them all the data and it shows cadence 110+ and power dropping from 1000w to 200 but cadence still going up, they have this morning told me its a “feature” as virtual tyre slip to protect the bike however I am quite shocked that a 2200w maximum output on the bike according to the manual is possible Ive never got over 1200w as it simply slips under me. I have now gone and asked for a refund as like you want something different. 4 bikes in I don`t even want a plus model now as an option, I just want a bike that lets me race how I want without restricting my riding. so frustrating!

had to add in the notes under the bike on the website

The well-balanced design of NEO Bike ensures maximum stability, even during the most explosive sprints, up to 2,200 watts.”

At 62kg, theres no way I’m getting close to 1200W lol so cant say whether ours had the same issues but I would not have been surprised.

As you say though, its listed as capable for over 2000W and deliberate slippage is obviously going to make that near enough impossible. By stating its not a fault but a feature to deliberately cap power output, they are admitting to false advertising which is somewhat strange.

Off topic, but our new entire bike arrived with an EU plug rather than UK. I have spares, but couldnt be bothered to go get one out the loft so have been using the bike in unpowered mode. I cannot believe the difference going from one to the other, night and day difference.

I am sure its harder than before with me now being 12W down on my FTP (or could be because I took 8 days off whilst waiting for the replacement, which seems a bit OTT)

Makes me wonder what my other powered freewheels were doing.


Just my 2 cents ( that’s actually “ører” in danish :grin: ) on the NeoBike…

I had mine replaced so many times that I’ve stopped counting ( seriously ! ) and I’m a lightweight rider not pushing many watts.
Fortunately Garmin Denmark has been very friendly and professional - and they extend the warranty to two new years on each replacement.

I love the NeoBike and as long as Garmin keeps replacing it, I’m fine with spending a couple of hours unboxing, swapping and boxing each time.

On power numbers @Matt_Hammond_G7 I feel that all my NeoBike’s has beeb around 10 watts higher than my Wahoo Bike, and also my previous Stages Bike ( which I try to forget everything about, since it was just terrible :grin: ) - but that’s just a “gut feeling” nothing confirmed.