Neo 2 T cooling fans

Hello all,
After a session on Zwift I noticed the rear fan -bottom left-stopped working but the one at the front of the unit -bottom right-carried on spinning for a good few minutes. I’ve had a scout around the internet and it seems there is a overheating problem with the NEO 2 /2T. I was wondering if any other users have had similar issues and if so what was the outcome


Hi Warren,

I had the same issue with my Neo 2, although my Neo stopped working (no resistance and overheating smell with a flashing red power light, I think). When it cooled down, the Neo would work, but the rear fan was not operating and I could smell overheating again.

I decided to return the unit to my LBS. They were really helpful offering many different solutions but in the end gave me a refund as they could not get a replacement for 6 weeks or more.
I found a Neo 2 T at another LBS and bought that.
I now run another fan directed at the drive side of the new Neo to help the internal fans. So far, all OK.
My original Neo lasted 12 months, but came with a two year warranty. New on has the same warranty I think.

Thanks for the reply and the tip,I’ll run another fan towards the Neo’s internal fans and hopefully I won’t get any overheating issues. I’ve only had it 8 months so if it does overheating I’ll get onto Garmin/Tacx support

I was out of warranty when it happened. And guess what: while Tacx is half an hour driving from where I live they cannot service the device!!! I’m offered a new one at a reduced price. But I can not afford the expense (Covid measures caused my income to go to 0)
If it is just the thermostat (something I read) I should be able to do that myself…