Zwift resistance slippage with Tacx Neo

I was riding alp de zwift today and about 20 minutes in the wattage being displayed started to decrease and the effort required continued to reduce to the point the i was riding 53/11 at a cadence of 90 and was only showing 200 watts on a gradient of 12%. i would then go back to repair and it would work for a few minutes and then slowly start to reduce again. any ideas

Cant be sure if this is the case but based on what I think you are describing ;

Could be the trainer is overheating and going into Limp mode. Fauly thermostat was quite common a while back . In the TACX app what does the diagnose screen show when you do this repair.

See if this thread helps

Hey Graham

thanks for the response. this maybe the issue. the trainer was definitely warm at the end. will give it a go.


Good luck . Garmin are really good if it is this issue (if under warranty anyway) and will just ship you are replacement on return.

Had a similar problem, the back was super hot, Tacx/Garmin were no help, I took off the cover and found the lower back fan wasn’t working. I mounted two small computer fans over the lower and upper rear vents connected to a transformer and it runs cooler then originally even after riding the Four Horsemen.