Loss of resistance

I was in a ZHQ crit yesterday morning, last corner, into the sprint straight, still in the lead group, feeling good, drop a couple of cogs and get up to smash it. Then I lost all resistance in my Tacx Neo 2, nada, zip. So I stopped pedalling, thinking something had broken, and the race was over anyway, so waited a bit, then tried to pedal again, but the resistance was massively high, so high that I couldn’t turn the crank to get into the little ring, much less go up the cassette to an easier gear. I exited Zwift, didn’t make any difference, so had to unplug the Neo at the wall, that did it.

Anyone know what had happened? (No, not due to my awesome power - this was at approx 900W and 110rpm ish. Zwift app on an Apple TV4K).

Hi @Ralph_Carter1249

Was it really warm it can be that your trainer overheated and went into safe mode.

No, about 20-21C, and big fans on as usual.

Just an update, I’ve been able to replicate this when not in Zwift, but in Erg mode doing a TrainerRoad session. When I do a 10 second sprint (c1000W initially), starting with a cadence of 70, it loses ‘grip’ and then effectively seizes, as above. If I start at a cadence of 100, it doesn’t. So is a TACX problem. Has anyone had this?