High resistance after riding the mountain bike circuit

Tacx Neo 1 and Apple TV.
Haven’t had this happen before so I’m not sure if it’s related to the latest Zwift update or the mountain bike circuit.
Rode the mountain bike circuit and it seemed to work ok including the final steep part at the finish. Stopped for a minute and rode back to the Titans road. Going downhill the resistance was still very high in the easiest gears. Tried going back to the login page and back in but the resistance was still there. Next I saved the ride and closed Zwift. Logged back in and opened the desert start and the resistance was still there for the first couple of pedal rotations then released. Seems to be back to normal now.

After submitting this a couple of days ago and no replies can I assume no one else experienced this after riding the mountain bike course?

your not the only one. i have seen friend was doing live thing twitch.

I suspect the steering/mountain biking feature has introduced a bunch of various bugs that arent common. A lot of people wont mention them given its basically beta product, or, they mayt have logged cases directly with Zwift support. You’ve done what I would have done given a few steering related issues seem to go away the next time people start Zwift.

Good to mention it here though so Zwift devs can see and others can contribute if/when they come across the problem.