Kinetic t-6500 Control or similar resistance issues anyone?

Hi, can anyone else with a Kinetic control tell me if they have this annoying issue of the resistance dropping out if the rider eases or stops pedaling for 1 second or so. For example my main complaint is when one stands and then goes to sit back down like on a climb there is a brief moment where power is let off by the rider, the unit responds by completely dropping the resistance and goes totally limp, it’s like starting from 0. a soft start so to speak. I can hear the motor disengage. This is incredibly annoying and not realistic at all, this happens in free ride mode not ERG, it happens if using bte or ant and happens across the board on 3 different platforms. It is super frustrating when doing a long climb with a lot of hair pins. So far kinetic response has not really acknowledged this being an issue. I asked them in my last response if they had experienced this, surely it is so obvious that one would have be aware of it. Am I asking too much? It seems like a simple thing to fix, is this a software bug or hardware? Any insight would be appreciated.

Kurt Kinetic has a very detailed article on how to pair the trainer to Zwift. I’d go over these steps as a reference, as they may be useful to your situation. Before starting your next ride, I’d do a calibration using the Kinetic Fit app. This will make the Zwift experience as accurate as possible.

If this doesn’t help, then we invite you to submit a support ticket so we can help look further into the issue.


Thanks, but I’m pretty sure I know how to calibrate and pair the trainer :rofl:
Thanks though! I understand and it’s a necessity to calibrate wheel resistance trainers each ride, and I do it in the kinetic app. I am starting to realize it maybe a limitation of the software and trainer, and I may just have to live with it. I see people experiencing drops out quite often in zwift in situations like a hill climb it’s pretty obvious, we are far from perfect here especially with wireless.
Thanks for the reply