Kinetic R1 Trainer losing resistance

The issue we are having is very specific. When there is a dramatic change in resistance, for example, a high effort climb followed by a dramatic descent or a high effort sprint followed by a descent; the trainer can’t manage its resistance appropriately. Basically what happens is the trainer loses all resistance and the flywheel spins at a rate inconsistent with the pedaling cadence; for example, I’ll be pedaling at 80 rpm but the trainer will say its at 118rpm with 0 power. The only way to resolve this is to let the R1 spin down to a stop; unplug it; and then begin again. This doesn’t happen every ride but when it does its very annoying! Especially during an event. We have contacted Kinetic multiple times and they are non-rsponsive, claim to be very busy, or that the issue is related to bluetooth interference - all of which is their way of not wanting to deal with the issue. You can see an example of this in the images shared here - at the tail end of the ride, the flywheel went up to over 110rpm and the resistance dropped dramatically. I have multiple examples of this phenomenon (all have been shared with Kinetic). Anyone have advice?

I am having the same issue. You described it perfectly. I have reached out to Kinetic twice, but they are slow to respond, and they don’t seem to have any answers.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having this issue too but in a strange way glad to know its not just our trainer. We got ours last March. Are you sticking with yours or looking at getting something else?

I purchased mine at the end of March 2020 was well. I will probably go with the Wahoo Kickr, but want to have the R1 repaired, since it is still under warranty.
I’m just frustrated with its ongoing issues. I wanted to really like it.
Are you going with another brand?

Sounds like we are in the same situation. I would really like them to honor their warranty and repair/replace this one. I really do like it when it works. Otherwise, we’re also looking at Wahoo Kickr; seems that’s the market leader.