Kinetic Rock and Roll not controlling resistance

Hello, hoping someone can help. I’ve been Zwifting for about a month & decided to upgrade to a smart trainer this week. I have a Kinetic Rock & Roll T-6500 (with the add-on BLE power meter) & everything connects to Zwift just fine & I am able to ride, but I’m not getting resistance changes on inclines.

I’m running Zwift on my macbook & companion on my iphone, am connecting the trainer as power source & control on Zwift, & linking Garmin cadence & HR via ANT (with a CABLE fob). The tension on my trainer tire feels good, no slippage.

Should I try direct connect thru the USB port on the trainer? Should I turn off the “connect through bluetooth” on the companion app? I feel like it’s something simple I am missing. Hopefully someone can provide some insight. Thanks.

It seems to be working now.:slight_smile: