Kurt kinetic not changing resistance

I just bought a new Kurt kinetic smart control trainer T-6400 with ant+ capability. I am pairing the trainer with my iPhone zwift companion app to my computer. The trainer is not changing resistance at all going up or down hills. I haven’t tried pairing it with the ant+ directly to the computer yet but that is my next step to try and fix the issue. Anyone have any other suggestions as to what the problem is and what I can do about it?

I use this same trainer and I get resistance just fine in Zwift, but I’m primarily using Ant+ or BTLE/FTMS direct to a Macbook. I do some product testing for Kinetic so I’m flagging this so I can try what you are doing and report back. Just to confirm, you are using Zwift on Windows with the companion app to bridge communication?

Yes. Using the trainer to my iPhone companion app to my PC. I used ant+ today and it worked fine but that still doesn’t explain the Bluetooth issue.

I’m having similar issues. Using the Kinetic smart control T-6300 and it has worked fine for the past 2 weeks. As of yesterday, it will connect to Zwift, but then say “no signal”. It will continue to stay connected, say no signal, and not control resistance. Using an Apple Tv.

Hey Jason, are you pairing your kinetic ro zwift directly through the apple tv or indirectly though the companion app?

I’m connected directly through the apple tv. I had to do a reset on the apple tv, and everything works now. I guess there was an update on the apple tv that maybe caused the connection issue?

I had the exact same problem with the T-6400 connected to an AppleTV, it connected fine last week and then this week I got the “No Signal” after connecting. The reset worked so far - thanks.