Resistance issues continue

Everything is up to date, apps uninstalled and reinstalled, devices powered down and rebooted and still unable to ride as intended. Just rode Hilly route first at 50% difficulty then at 100% difficulty. Tried to keep even pressure and cadence. 50% was slower by 37 seconds despite riding first and with fresher legs and felt harder too. 100% was more responsive with resistance but still continued to to have resistance that accumulated ie 1% on to 2% = 3+% and resistance on hills. Metrics were clearly affected by settings compared to perceived effort. On the sprint at 50% my ghost was showing to be at 2 w/kg more than me and I beat it. At 100% my new ghost beat me riding at 0.3 w/kg more than it. Zwift appear very quiet about issues and I wonder if there is any point continuing my subscription my trainer is working fine with other similar apps. Have we got to the point that Zwift is only focused on its racing platform and are willing to put out broken updates to try and meet race deadlines? I’ve gone from looking forward to my next Zwift ride to dreading if it will work or not.

You’ll need to provide some information about your actual Zwift set up if you want any meaningful help.

Apple TV 4K. Wahoo kickr 5. My setup has worked fine. My setup still works fine with other apps. Issues arose after Zwifts update and only is affected on Zwift.

This happened when starting up the hilly route second time round. Avatar slid through the map to titans grove.

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Well, that is certainly odd! Have you also checked to ensure that your ATV is updated to the latest TV OS? And also done a force-quit of Zwift?

“Everything is up to date, apps uninstalled and reinstalled, devices powered down and rebooted and still unable to ride as intended.“

Here is a suggestion, try pairing through the companion app rather than direct with the Apple TV, see if that helps solve the issue?

Same issue for me tonight in ZRL ttt, warm up worked fine, did a workout that had the resistance working fine, finished and went to pen. As soon as ttt started there was no resistance and.i was spinning out, 140rpm and couldn’t get above 250w, got dropped by my team. Only.had the apple TV for a week, I’m going back to PC

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I’ve just tried a factory reset but won’t test till tomorrow my resistance is full on so legs are cooked tonight.

I had the exact same issue, it occurred to me last TTT too. The last TTT is took ~20sec for resistance to kick in, so I spent myself and got back onto the team. Today it too 7min to kick in… they obviously didn’t wait this time. It only happens to me on TTT races, not points races.

Following in hope of someone having an answer.

The longer I ride the greater the resistance. I think it’s an accumulation of the lower % inclines as the inclines over 4/5% you can feel them backing off afterwards. Low % declines also create resistance. 50 v 100% difficulty I was faster at 100% and I think this was the declines had less resistance allowing some element of recovery before the resistance builds again. I’ve just cancelled my membership at the moment I’m hurting myself trying to achieve stats that are normal. The metrics don’t match the effort so the mind tells me to work harder and not only am I failing I’m hurting myself doing so, There is no customer support to speak to they hide in places like this forum and cherry pick who they respond to. I’m paying for a service that is risking injury trying to work out what they’ve broke. 36km yesterday trying to understand what is wrong and my legs are agony. There is no light riding because the resistance builds and doesn’t drop on the low inclines. It’s really frustrating having to resort to forums and social media to try and fix what was broke by an update. Inane replies claiming “it must be your set up” when it worked perfectly fine before the update and still does with every other app. As much as I’ve enjoyed Zwift I think it’s got too big for itself to care about individual users or if it keeps them. I’m suspicious the last update inc maps was known to be broken but put it out to meet a deadline with the attitude we will fix it later. We are not paying to test their software for them yet here we are with an unstable and broken update/map for an event later in the year I’m sure will be fine before it’s contractually required to be.

after lots of automated replies not relevant to my question I was offered to chat clicked chat now only to be told it’s not available. Customer support is ridiculous.

FYI, the UCI esports worlds are in 10 days, not later this year.

I’m not sure if you tried my suggestion of using the companion app to pair the trainer to see if that made any difference, but sounds like you already canceled. Sorry it didn’t work out for you.

Mixed up dates with actual irl event as I live close. Not been back on legs are too sore I pushed too hard trying to get two complete laps to compare results. Partner tried again and had to stop after 5 km only issue is with Zwift app.