Trainer / Zwift does not register resistance due to changing terrain

Trainer: Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainer (KICKR Version: 5) Firmware v4.2.1
Zwift: 1.16.1 (Aug 25)
Zwift Companion app
Apple TV 4K running latest version
Wahoo Tickr Heart Rate monitor

Resumed after a break on Zwift with the above setup and noticed that the trainer acts like a dumb trainer and offers no resistance changes due to changing terrain and at times there is a lag between the trainer and Zwift. I tried various options of shut and start but still the same problems persists.

What are the alternatives to Zwift ? if this issues remains unresolved between Zwift and Wahoo. What about other apps and how they are doing ?

Apparently this is a known issue with the latest update of Zwift for Apple TV.
I have the same issue running Zwift on Apple TV with my Tacx Neo 2T. If I unplug everything the resistance comes back, but I cannot shuffle between ERG mode and normal mode without unplugging Apple TV.

Take a look here:

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