Tacx NEO 1 Overheating (broken thermostat)

It shut down with the fast blinking red LED, and it was hotter than a volcano back there…
I contacted Tacx support, and they said it was a broken thermostat (that regulates the internal cooling fans), but they also said that I have to contact Garmin for further support. I emailed Garmin and have not heard back. Anyone else have this problem and have it rectified using Garmin (who now own Tacx)?
My temporary fix: I glued a small USB fan to the rear lower intake vent and have that dinky fan on max when the Tacx NEO1 is on. It works! It blows hot air out the top vent, and the plastic body on gets warm, not hot. And let me tell you, when it got hot, you could not touch the plastic vent with out getting burnt.
The NEO1 is 14 months old.
C’mon Garmin - give ol’ Wolfy a call or email… do the right thing.

Hi DAve,
I’ve a similar issue, do you have definitly solved?

Hi Stefano,
your Tacx Neo should have a two year warranty. If it is still within that warranty period, it may be best to contact the company you purchased it from initially.

I had a Neo with the same problem. I returned the Neo to the bike store I bought it from and they sorted out the issue for me.

Hi Troy,
unfortunatly I’m out of warranty.
Do you have any idea about the issue fixed by support?

Can I ask you if the rear fan is always on while moving?

Update: Sorry I should have updated this months ago…

Garmin fully warrantied the unit and replaced it. Free. They provided amazing support.

In the meantime, you may be able to cool the unit using one or two USB (external) fans.

Contact Gamin to service and warranty your Tacx trainer in the USA.

I went to https://support.garmin.com/en-US/
However, there may be a different site for you if you do not live in the USA…
While at the above link, just provide your Tacx serial number.
And you will be able to fill out a help ticket. Also make sure you tell them your serial number, and the current firmware version (use the Tacx phone app to get that).
In one day, Garmin emailed me back with support information and how to further proceed.


Hi Stefano,

the Neo has two small fans, one at the front and one at the back. You can see them from the drive side of the unit.
As you switch on the unit both fans kick in for about 3/5 seconds then stop until you start using the Neo. They then work continuously whilst in use.
I have started using a further external fan to improve cooling for my Neo.

I think if you follow Dave’s advice you should be able to have your Neo fixed or replaced by Garmin/Tacx. It may take some time though.
Hope it goes well. Let us know how you get on if you can.
All the best.

Hi Troy,
Thank you very much for reply!
I’ve some issues with rear fan, it starts when I switch on the unit for 3-5seconds.
But when tacx is in use, the rear fan doesn’t start immediatly but about 30-45’ seconds…while the front starts suddenly.

Thanks a lot, I’ll get in touch with support (even if my unit is out of warranty).

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