Tacx Neo Smart Bike Fan Control

I’ve got a Tacx Neo Smart Bike, which I connect to my iPhone or iPad.

I set the fans to Fixed Speed in the Tacx app, and they fire up.

Then in Zwift, if I free ride, the fans continue.

But if I do a workout, Zwift seems to take the fans over, and controls them via Power Output.

Am I doing something wrong? I can’t find settings in Zwift to sort it?

Same problem here. But this is probably due to the Tacx firmware on the Neo Bike. Need to check ergo mode using trainer road or another service.

Yeah it is. I managed to get one of their tech guys on a call, and showed them. Does it on everything, including their own software.

Need to chase as that was about 2 months ago.

I have a tacx smart bike too - and when I do a workout in erg mode on zwift the fans just switch off (I think the road feel does too?). If I switch ERG mode off, the fans automatically switch back on (as does the road feel)?

Just got my Neo bike. Staggered that anyone bothers with the fans. May as well not bother.

Is there a more powerful aftermarket option?

I use the tacX neo bike in combination with an ipad and android smartphone.

The fans are not working in combination with the zwift app (haven’t tried tacX app, except firmware update).

Is there any solution so far? I am feared that the tremendous amount of sweat could harm the bike.